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    We are constantly seeing that these false fraudulent Administrative Courts masquerading as Court Rooms of Common Law are being very lenient with paedophiles of late. I believe the reason for this is simply because many of the Judges on the bench are paedophiles themselves. You only have to look at this Hollie Greig case to see clearly whats going on in Scotland and the United Kingdom Plc today. You have a lawful and law-abiding man like Robert Green fighting for Hollie Greig’s case getting thrown in jail for a whole year whilst the same Judge in a paedophilia case lets the paedophile criminal off with such a crime.

    We are seeing paedophiles in many organizations including infiltration social engineering groups like Common Purpose ruining every nation they are allowed to enter using Tavistock Institute for Human Relations mind-reframing neuro-linguistic programming nonsense. We are on to these people and they detest the light being shined on their dark evil doings and intentions. To me this is being aided by the satanic Thelema following of Aleister Crowley now polluting our society with this ‘do as thou wilt’ excuse for criminal and sick minded behavior.

    -=> The Unhived Mind

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