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  1. Welcome to the Third World Britain and soon the entire West as our national cultures are destroyed and our lands become exactly what Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi said they would in his ‘Practical Idealism’ in 1925. Expect lower intelligence, lack of morals, ignorance, dirtier streets, lowering of house prices and standards along with all the rest that comes from this such as gang warfare. Time to face the facts and thats the white peoples of the World are being destroyed to make way for a more chaoit society easily enforced by military dictatorship rule and dumb enough to fall for anything. You can see it today in front of your eyes if you open them. Remember in Britain the white people have a fertility rate of only 1.6 and in Italy its as low as around 1.2. Once you go below 2.2 you no longer have a culture that will stay unless you reverse the figure up to a high level and then it still takes 100 years. So the Western white peoples have had it. Welcome to the Third World and all its diversity glory.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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