1. shinji1976

    I watched the movie “Iranium”, and in it I found scenes of Ahmadinejad calling for the destructions of both USA and Israel. I also found Khomeini cursing the West along with his propagation of Islam.

    Is Ahmadinejad serious? If he is, then here we find a divided camp of the devil, that is Roman Catholicism / the Jesuit Order vs Islam (or only Shia Islam perhaps?). What’s up with the Iranian regime? What’s really going on in their mind? Isn’t the Jesuit Order ruling over all nations? So does it mean that the Iranian regime and the rest of radical Shia muslim regimes are merely rebelling against the Order? What’s Kolvenbach doing in the midst of this Iranian hostility? Or is it all just another Jesuit’s movie script to be played out?

    Also, since Khomeini was a son of a British spy (according to a certain source), how could he curse the West which includes the country of his father? Did his father hate England and/or teach his son to hate England and/or the West?

    Hoping to hear from you. Thank you.

    • The Jesuits do not have full control over Iran my friend and that why they need to attack it outright shortly so they can make sure the Pope is the only Temporal Power on Earth. You have to understand that Islam is a sword of the Catholic Church regardless of if they are with the Catholic Church or not. Study how Islam has destroyed true-Christians which serves who? The Vatican who hate true-Christianity the connections you will make between Catholicism and Islam will help you to see what I’m saying. Most of Islam is controlled by the Papacy as I said through veils of inter-religious dialogue. Attacks on the USA and Israel are not attacks on the Jesuits my friend. We know that the Jesuits control the United States from Georgetown University but this is not common knowledge. What you are witnessing is a lower level script like in a movie and you must remember that the USA is to be attacked and destroyed eventually as is most of Israel except East Jerusalem the Latin Kingdom. All these people play their roles to bring about the Great Work as they like to call it. Do not fall for the TV Pantomime laid out to sucker you in.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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