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  1. Please remember if this is anything like the DDT once used then you’ll see an increase in Polio again. Guess what will happen then? It will be blamed on a virus called Polio ABC-D and they’ll have a vaccine with another toxin waiting for you. This is called population reduction all called for by the Club of Rome and their Global 2000 report to destroy 65% of the World’s population by 2050. All propaganda by malthusians who time after time lie, cheat and spread myths to suit their craving for genocide. Only problem is now they’re turning your family and friends into cravers of genocide under the guise its good for the planet aka Sustainable Development aka U.N Agenda 21. By the way, the Polio virus is a natural protein solvent designed by God to try to defend you from radiation and certain pollutants such as we see we DDT unfortunately you become sick if things get this bad.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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