Generation-X 20-year-old father kills newborn baby for crying whilst he played on Xbox

Dad killed three-week-old son because he CRIED too much during Xbox marathon

By Laura Cox
PUBLISHED: 17:51, 7 April 2012 | UPDATED: 11:16, 8 April 2012

A father has confessed to killed his newborn baby boy because the three-week-old’s crying was disturbing him as he played on a games console, police said.

Jacob David Hartley, of Lakeland, Florida, had baby Colton sitting on him for around 30 minutes out of an almost five hour video game session on Thursday.

During his gaming marathon the 20-year-old became so frustrated with his son that he took hold of the boy with both hands and shook him.

‘Damn you Colton, please go to f***ing sleep’, he said, according to the boy’s mother Amber Newton.

At that point, she told police, she stepped in and took her baby away from Hartley.

Taking a break from the Xbox Hartley went to work at Sam’s Club, where he stocked produce.

Upon his return home he resumed the gaming, playing until about 4am on Friday when he went to bed.

Around that time baby Colton awoke hungry and Amber gave him to Hartley while she prepared a bottle.

Hartley claims he fell asleep and woke to find Amber holding their unresponsive son, who was bleeding from the mouth and nose.

Colton died at around 7am at Bartow Memorial Hospital from head injuries, which doctors said were consistent with being shaken.

Hartley admitted shaking his son on Thursday morning and another time about a week prior.

He being held at the Polk County Jail charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child and aggravated child abuse.


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