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    This is absolutely sickening, if these devices do not kill from the electricity alone they can kill from how you fall. I do not think anyone ever thought about the falling or did they and do not care in the New World Order? In order for a weapon to classed as non-lethal it must not kill a being around sixty-five percent of the time. Now think about it folks you have a one in three chance of dying. Now these devices are not being used like guns which should only be used in life threatening situations. Goons are out there using these devices for just saying “no officer under Common Law thee real Law of the land, I do not have to talk to you and can walk away unless you are telling me I am under arrest.” This of course was the whole idea behind these so-called non-lethal weapons and why now intelligence applicants for the Goon positions are no longer accepted and pushed aside for a low intelligence mind slave.

    Now lets remember that these are not Police Officers and certainly not Peace Officers or Police Constables as in England. These are corporate beings in fancy dress pretending to be what they claim but are not. They do not have a clue about the law of the Land because they have been trained and very poorly in Uniform Commercial Code of 1933 and Admiralty Law although these goons are not aware of this through careful mind bending and usurping above. They totally ignore the laws of the land and this has occurred since the 1933 bankruptcies of the Worldwide nations leading to slavery to the City of London’s, The Worshipful Company of Mercers. These police are controlled by the Mercers and the Universal Postal Union in Berne, Switzerland. Some of these goon officers are even aware that they now work for corporations not the people. Our nations no longer exist, they have been usurped by corporations acting in commerce and submerging our land in a false ocean in order to conduct business in a bankrupt nation. The reason the united States of America Constitution is trampled on today is simply because since 1861 it has no longer existed as a power and never will thanks to Privy Councilors, Sir Roundell Palmer and The Lord Eddisbury behind the murder of true President, Abraham Lincoln.

    -=> The Unhived Mind

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