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  1. Remember Hugo Chavez helps supply a big amount of CIA Cocaine into Europe with Knight of Malta, Thabo Mbeki. Remember Chavez is friends with Linda Panetta who claims to be anti-American. Now thats very clever wording. Why? Of course she’s anti-American all these infiltrators of the DVD/CIA detest America but they love the United States, both very different things. This is why nine times out of ten the media when attacking the region over something, they’ll call it America. Whenever its anything good they have to say, then they call it U.S. See the trickery? Linda Panetta is a the daughter of the last Director of the CIA, Leon Panetta who is a Knight of Malta working closely with Knight of Malta, George H.W. Bush the thirty three year long leader of the DVD. Don’t be fooled by Chavez or Fidel, the later is Jesuit trained and a plant just like Chavez.

    -The Unhived Mind

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