Italy, first Bank Going Bye Bye? All accounts blocked!

By GLR ANdReA – Posted on 09 June 2012

The first to fall: BNI blocks bancomat, online, and any way of getting to one’s account.

On the banks homepage there’s written ( “An efficent bank, always at your side”.

Thus, from this morning all clients are alone, with no possibility to get to their accounts.

Network Bank Investments, with a short notice decided to block all accounts and so any mean of getting to money, in any form, is it online or cash. The notice was sent out 7 days ago, thus not many were able to read it. (

The institute has so decided in a extraordinary meeting last november getting the green light from the Banca d’Italia to suspend any money transfer for a whole month.

Massimo, policeman in Milan speaks for all: when I went to pay the mechanic office for my car the bancomat did not work, nor was I able to make a transfer. Actually, they took all my money away. Now I have 20€ in my walle, a wife and two daughters, how am I going to do? My account is also where my salary goes to, so what now?

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    Suspension of Payments

    THE PRESS May 31, 2012

    On 31 May 2012, the Special Commissioners of Bank Network Investments SpA in Extraordinary Administration (MI), with the approval of the Supervisory Committee and with the approval of the Bank of Italy, have decided to suspend the payment of liabilities of any kind, pursuant to art. 74 of Leg. September 1, 1993. 385 (TUB), for the period of one month. The suspension does not include client financial instruments.

    The measure was necessary to face the difficult situation of the bank.

    Organs extraordinary Bank Network Investments SpA, an intermediary member of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund, are developing a plan for solving the crisis in order to safeguard clients’ rights, provides for the intervention of Consultinvest SIM Group and Bank Savings of Ravenna.

    Sospensione dei Pagamenti


    In data 31 maggio 2012 i Commissari straordinari di Banca Network Investimenti S.p.A., in amministrazione straordinaria (MI), con il parere favorevole del Comitato di Sorveglianza e previa autorizzazione della Banca d’Italia, hanno deliberato la sospensione del pagamento delle passività di qualsiasi genere, ai sensi dell’art. 74 del d.lgs. 1° settembre 1993, n. 385 (TUB), per il periodo di un mese. La sospensione non comprende gli strumenti finanziari della clientela.

    La misura si è resa necessaria per fronteggiare la situazione di difficoltà della banca.

    Gli Organi straordinari di Banca Network Investimenti S.p.A., intermediario aderente al Fondo Interbancario di Tutela dei Depositi, stanno definendo un piano di soluzione della crisi che, al fine di salvaguardare i diritti della clientela, contempla l’intervento della Consultinvest SIM e del gruppo Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna.


    Credit – NO LEVIES – PAYMENTS OF BNI for account holders

    Thursday, June 7, 2012

    BNI depositors unable to make withdrawals / payments, payments of utility bills, mortgage payments, taxes

    Peter Giordano, Adiconsum: “Grave of the Bank of Italy’s attitude that takes action without considering the impact on depositors, and especially on single-income families and pensioners”

    Adiconsum Bank of Italy asks for an urgent meeting and the lifting of the

    The Bank of Italy authorized the suspension of payments by Bank Network Investments SpA (BNI) without communicating anything to the depositors.

    Very serious and unacceptable – says Peter Jordan, Secretary General Adiconsum – the attitude of the Bank of Italy SpA in each BNI, because highly prejudicial to the interests of customers.

    Bank of Italy, in fact, after extending the receivership of the bank, thus giving the impression of an imminent rescue, then gave the green light for compulsory winding up, without giving any prior notice to the depositors, leaving them in no condition to perform any type of operation, even basic ones for daily survival, such as withdrawals / payments, utilities payments, rates, taxes.

    We must unfortunately note that offensive measures as those adopted to customers BNI – Giordano complaint – not an isolated case. Decisions without taking into account the heavy impact, particularly on savers in possession of a single bank account on which accrediting salary or pension, are not new to Bank of Italy, and also affected depositors of Banca MB.

    The attitude of the Bank of Italy – Jordan continues – is bureaucratic and deed and as Adiconsum we asked in a letter sent to the Bank of Italy and the lifting of the BNI and an urgent meeting to define the way in which customers, especially Fixed-income families and pensioners, can perform normal daily operations.


    Stampa Articolo
    giovedì 7 giugno 2012

    Correntisti di BNI impossibilitati ad effettuare prelievi/versamenti, pagamenti di bollette, rate mutui, tasse

    Pietro Giordano, Adiconsum: “Grave l’atteggiamento di Banca d’Italia che assume provvedimenti senza valutare le ricadute sui correntisti, ed in special modo, sulle famiglie monoreddito e sui pensionati”

    Adiconsum chiede a Bankitalia un incontro urgente e la revoca del provvedimento

    La Banca d’Italia ha autorizzato la sospensione dei pagamenti della Banca Network Investimenti S.p.A. (BNI) senza comunicare alcunché ai correntisti.

    Molto grave e inaccettabile – dichiara Pietro Giordano, Segretario Generale Adiconsum – l’atteggiamento di Banca d’Italia nella vicenda BNI S.p.A., perché altamente lesivo degli interessi della clientela.

    Bankitalia, infatti, dopo aver prorogato il commissariamento dell’istituto di credito, dando quindi l’impressione di un imminente salvataggio, ha poi dato il via libera alla liquidazione coatta, senza fornire alcuna preventiva comunicazione ai correntisti, lasciandoli in condizione di non poter effettuare alcun tipo di operazione, neanche quelle di base per la sopravvivenza quotidiana, quali prelievi/ versamenti, pagamenti di utenze, rate, tasse.

    Dobbiamo purtroppo segnalare che provvedimenti lesivi come quelli adottati nei confronti della clientela BNI – denuncia Giordano – non rappresentano un caso isolato. Decisioni prese senza tener conto delle pesanti ricadute, in particolare sui risparmiatori in possesso di un unico conto corrente su cui accreditano stipendio o pensione, non sono nuove a Bankitalia, ed hanno interessato anche i correntisti di Banca MB.

    L’atteggiamento di Banca d’Italia – prosegue Giordano – è burocratico e notarile e come Adiconsum abbiamo chiesto in una lettera inviata a Banca d’Italia e a BNI la revoca del provvedimento e un incontro urgente per definire le modalità con cui i clienti, specie famiglie a reddito fisso e pensionati, possano svolgere le normali operazioni quotidiane.

    Scarica L’allegato

    Network Bank stopped payments, customers furious

    Stop the transaction until July for the crisis of the institution.

    Monday, June 4, 2012

    Network Investment Bank has suspended payments, causing great inconvenience to customers.
    STOP FOR A MONTH. The institute, in receivership since last November, announced that on May 31, the commissioners, “with the approval of the Monitoring Committee and with the approval of the Bank of Italy, have approved the suspension of payment of liabilities of any kind ‘for a month.

    The stop, communicated through the website of the bank, does not include client financial instruments.

    It was emphasized that “the measure was necessary to face the difficult situation of the bank.

    Angry depositors. To the rescue – in the few lines we read online – have stepped forward and the group Sim Consultinvest Savings Bank of Ravenna, but in the meantime, depositors are furious.

    For all spoke Massimo, police in Milan with his wife and two daughters in Messina: “Nobody told me anything and today (June 4), when I went to pay the mechanic, the ATM was not working. Even the credit can do. ”

    “MI HAVE REMOVED THE MONEY.” “Actually,” he added, “I have taken my money. In the book I have only 20 euros in cash and the escrow account where the salary is credited to me, how do I make ends meet? ‘.

    And to say that Bank Investment Network has as shareholders the names of the first floor of the financial world: Aviva, Banco Popolare, De Agostini and Sopaf.

    “GUESTS OF PERSONS FINANCIALLY ADVANCED.” The customers of Bank Network, revealed financial sources, is composed largely of the “financially sophisticated subjects” able to understand the situation and wait for the definition of the intervention plan by Consultinvest Sim and Group Savings Bank announced the release of Ravenna as special commissioners.

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