Jesuit Soldier, Pierre-John De Smet SJ connection to Brigham Young straight from the horses mouth


Signposting the Mormons. The Mormons are under particular scrutiny in the USA because one of them, Mitt Romney, has declared an interest in the Presidency. There was a time when they were less acceptable. In 1838 Governor Boggs of Missouri decreed: “The Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated, or driven from the State, if necessary for the public peace.” As they were hounded from state to state, seeking a place where they could live in peace, they sought advice from Jean Pierre DeSmet SJ, the noted explorer of the American west. His description of the magnificent Great Salt Lake valley pleased them greatly. So Salt Lake City became to Mormons what Rome is to Catholics, and Jesuit de Smet stands there among the founders’ statues.

Heres a backup, because Soldiers of Loyola are renowned liars as evidenced by the true definition of the word Jesuit being ‘a person who deceives the people’.

Here is the Aragon Templar soldier himself:

I need to remind you that soldier, Pierre-John De Smet SJ was the controller of Albert Pike the once Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The very Rite which the Aragon Templars aka Society of Jesus created in Paris, France and was aided by their Hohenzollern protector, Frederick the Great of Prussia. The Jesuits do everything in their power to direct you away from themselves being the creator of this Scottish Rite which almost all well known politicians are members of the highest degrees such as Knight of Malta Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Knight of Malta George H.W Bush. The Rite was created by the Aragon Templars so they could take over and usurp Scottish Templarism of the Sinclair family in a very similar manner to how Catholicism usurped and took over Christianity. You see the Jesuits believe they’re the only Knights Templar because their origins in the Kingdom of Aragon was accepted and allowed by the Pope of Rome. Origins tied to the Order of the Calatrava and the Order of the Montesa which Emperor Juan Carlos controls today as their Grandmaster with his blood ties to the Farnese Papal Nobility. The same Farnese family who commissioned the Society of Jesus and who the Jesuits adore as evidenced by Alessandro Farnese’s name plastered over the front of the Chiesa del Gesù and even Ignatius Loyola’s tomb.

So we have this Scottish Rite created by the Aragon Templar Jesuits commanding the Ku Klux Klan which Albert Pike was also the head of after the takeover. A takeover? Yes the original Ku Klux Klan was nothing like what you believe it is today. The original Ku Klux Klan was set up by Protestant slave masters to stop the black slaves of the wicked Catholic slave masters from raping Protestant white women and so forth. This is hardly ever mentioned and you wonder why? Reminds me of how the Jesuits are working hard to make sure the immigration of Mexicans continues into the U.S. in order to destroy National Sovereignty and aid in repopulating with Catholics as highlighted the by late, great, Hiram Dukes. What it also achieves is the execution of the Papal Bull The Inter Caetera by the Jesuit Borgia family to turn America into a Spanish controlled region. Of course it never succeeded back then but its working perfectly today as more U.S. Citizens complain that they don’t understand why everywhere is speaking Spanish and how quickly its occurring.

Emperor Juan Carlos now controls the United States and has done so since his position in the House of Bourbon. Of course America was killed off from 1848 and was gone from 1861 when President Lincoln incorporated the region to pay off the debts of the Virginia Company of London rather than give Jesuit Britain any American soil. Unfortunately his short term solution was continued to this day after the Jesuits had him executed via a death warrant part signed off by Privy Councilor, Roundell Palmer and the covert Star Chamber. I might like to point out this Star Chamber never died and goes all the way back to, you guessed it, a Catholic and he was the powerful Cardinal Wolsey the Lord High Chancellor. Lord High Chancellor is a very powerful position still today and in fact today its higher than it was as a singular position because the Lord High Steward is the highest in the land but isn’t used regularly and if it was then the Lord High Chancellor would take the position as has been the case for a long time such as with Privy Councilor, Douglas Hogg.

So the Jesuits whacked, President Lincoln keeping America killed off and the region under slavery to the Papal Vatican Canon Law and then the People by 1933. Since 1861 the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have had no meaning and anyone with common sense, ears and eyes can see this. It should be even more obvious since 1945 with the Charter of the United Nations. The Knights of Malta made sure that those Founding Fathers documents weren’t going to get in the way again. Of course there was a great big falling out from 1865 onwards with the Vatican over the assassination by the Jesuits and thats why all diplomatic ties with the Vatican were stopped. The Papacy really took control over the U.S. in 1868 with the unratified 14th Amendment run from sovereign Washington D.C. headed by Georgetown University. The same University who created the powerful and hidden Senior Executive Service in 1979 via the Jesuit puppet Carl Marcy using his daughter-in-law. Within five years of the SES being created you had Knight of Malta, Alexander Haig making Honorary Knight of Malta, Ronald Reagan sign a Concordat with the Pope which shall we say officially ended the overt diplomat relations problems with the Vatican. Of course you weren’t supposed to know the Vatican had taken over in 1868 so the illusion of anger was carried on as a veil to hide what had really happened. They do this long enough so they can dumb down the populace via education system controlled by The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers. Then when people have no care for history and cannot think more than two seconds ahead like todays populace you can then come out and even pretend you’re the good guy after all the atrocities through history you’ve been the creator of. What do you expect when today anything over thirty years in the past is now officially called ancient history. Is it any wonder people of today cannot get their head around talking about ancient Crusading Orders who still exist and still rule today? Welcome to the land of the GaGa illusion and the generation-X drones.

Remember the Jesuits love internal chaos and this is why they kept the black races in the United States when the Protestants wanted them shipped out to Liberia knowing what trouble it would cause for society as a whole. The Jesuits blocked this from happening and have used Ordo-ab-Chao from it ever since, interesting how this Hegelian dialectic fits perfectly into the final known degree of the Scottish Rite. The final degree is the thirty third degree of Ordo-ab-Chao and the number thirty three is symbolic of ‘The Great Work’ in other words the aiding of the Luciferian worship known as the Luciferian Doctrine. Another important point is the thirty second degree which if you study very hard you will see other than the overt ‘deus meumque jus’ motto they also use the Jesuit motto of ‘Ad majorem Dei gloriam’. What does this Jesuit motto mean? It means ‘to the greater glory of God’ but we should ask which God because it is not thee God and his Biblical word.

Their God is Lucifer the masculine worship of the Planet Venus the offspring of Zeus the planet Jupiter who came himself from the union between Selene and Kronos the Saturn God. Now if you look at the Jesuit logo you will see its Saturnalian just look at the ‘H’ and its the ancient symbol of the Reaper of Judgment himself. Lets not forget that it was the Scottish Rite who killed John F. Kennedy using Permanent Industrial Expositions tied with Montreal, Quebec a Jesuit stronghold and Centro Mondiale Commerciale based in Rome. Kennedy’s death warrant was part signed off by Privy Councilor, John Hobson and the covert Star Chamber tied to New Jerusalem aka sovereign City of London which is the proxy of the Jesuits and Roman Empire which controls the global control system also known as the Crown Bar. Kennedy was whacked at Dealey Plazza which is totally controlled by the Scottish Rite and also houses a Scottish Rite Temple. Even the location is shaped like a pyramid without the capstone of Saturn protected by his three fallen angles.

The Scottish Rite also controls the B’Nai B’Rith. An organisation made up of the hofjuden Talmudic Sabbatean Frankists loyal to the Pope of Rome and full of hatred also to the Torah-Israelites of the Bible. No different to its master the AntiChristos, Church of Rome as they control the Sabbateans who worship both Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank who were both created by the Papacy.

The Scottish Rite also control the Nation of Islam who just like the Ku Klux Klan also hate Torah-Israelites and base their hate all on what the Sabbatean Frankist hofjudens masquerading as Israelites do. Malcolm X was fully aware of what I’ve just explained and knew the Nation of Islam and the Ku Klux Klan had the same paymaster. For this knowledge he was whacked before he could cause issues which may have put an end to some of this chaos engineering.

The real power over the Scottish Rite is not in Washington D.C. or even at the United Grand Lodge of England. The real power over the Scottish Rite along with the York Rite and the Ordo Templi Orientis can be found in Vatican City itself. Yes thats right the one claiming to be against Freemasonry houses the true power over all Freemasonry called the Grand Lodge Ekklesia. The connection to York Rite is especially obvious via the Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine. Freemasonry is a product of Templarism which derived from the Hashshashin of Persia. Persia being the same region the powerful Papal Nobility family known as Aldobrandini originate from. The ones named after the very important occultic, Al-Debaran star of the Taurus constellation controlled by the energies of the offspring of Zeus and Selene known as Aphrodite in the feminine. Al-debaran is known as the bullseye and its within the constellation symbolized as the bull so when you worship the bull at your city center, you’re really worshiping Lucifer. Ignatius Loyola was very close with the Hashshashin and I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest of this Persian power having connections to Shriner Freemasonry who openly worship Allah. We know Allah as simply the hermaphrodite Moon deity, again tied to Selene or shall we say the ancient Cybele where this Galla ties back further into.

Lets not forget that the modern Santa Claus was taken off Albert Pike. And the red and white coloring of this character comes from the Central Intelligence Agency by way of their front company, Coca-Cola the Cocaine peddler for Emperor Juan Carlos of Spain who controls the entire South Americas with the Priesthood of Lucifer. Just the same as how he also runs the Middle Eastern, Golden Crescent drugs trade under his ‘Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem’ title known to most simply as ‘King of Jerusalem’ and utilizing his Union for the Mediterranean aka revived unHoly Roman Empire. Remember Santa is an anagram for Satan and is often used by the Catholics whilst really representing Saturn. Thats why Xmas is really Saturn Mass aka the Festive of Saturnalia. Not forgetting that the Claus actually means in reality to conquer the people.

-=The Unhived Mind

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