I strongly suggest you keep your eyes on whats going on in North Korea because this scenario above may be what might just be played out shortly tied with Iran. Interesting how the U.S. were having war games based on Kim Jong II dying only one week prior to his so-called heart attack. Interesting the timing being so close to the timing of all this big push of propaganda about Iran as conflict towards World War 3 gets closer in the Middle East. The Worshipful Company of Fuellers are going to bring this World under a global conflict like never before which will cover-up the economic collapse as they try to take back full control of the coded economic system. Will the non-aligned put a stop to this problem or will the Milvian Bridge Fuellers progress their Crusade?

    Could all the Sarah Palin promotion from the last election all have been just for conditioning that Alaska has meaning and is an area needing more focus so to speak? May I remind you that Hawaii is already high in radiation its almost as bad as Japan after Fukushima, closely followed by California so don’t think the fuellers won’t nuke Hawaii because they will with pleasure to start off their World War III. May I remind you that both Hawaii and Alaska are not States of the Union of the united States of America. I suggest you do your homework of the real Country rather than the vessel if you don’t know that America only has forty eight States within the Union.

    If you don’t think the Knights of Malta have connections in North Korea think again, who do you think controls the ‘super dollar’ printing press over there and always has done? Knight of Malta, George H.W Bush the head of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst for the last thirty four years. Hows about his minion Donald Rumsfeld and the ABB Group of Zurich connection to North Korea? All making sense now? All eyes on this region and coming events. Talking of coincidences isn’t it interesting to see the explosions now happening in Iraq since the pull out was announced by the U.S. much to the dislike of the treasonous traitor, Senator John McCain, the cretin behind the National Defense Authorization Act aiding the coming Martial Law.

    -=The Unhived Mind

  2. McCain: Iraq ‘Unraveling’ Under Obama Withdrawal

    Thursday, 22 Dec 2011 12:50 PM

    President Barack Obama’s decision to pull American troops out of Iraq “unraveled” on Thursday when a coordinated bombing campaign killed at least 63 people and injured nearly 200 more, Sen. John McCain charged.

    “We are paying a very heavy price in Baghdad because of our failure to have a residual force there,” the veteran Arizona senator told CBS News’ Chris Wragge.

    “I’m deeply disturbed by events there, but not surprised.”

    McCain ridiculed administration claims that it left behind “a stable Iraq” after formally ending the eight-year war there last week. “We needed the residual force there. It’s not there and now things are unraveling tragically.”

    McCain has led the way in attacks on Obama’s decision to leave Iraq to sort itself out, five years after the execution of former President Saddam Hussein. He quoted retired four-star general Jack Keane as saying that the United States had “won the war and is now losing the peace.”

    In an earlier joint statement with Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, McCain had said, “The U.S. government must do whatever it can to help Iraqis stabilize the situation.”

    Within days of the pullout, Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki issued an arrest warrant for the Sunni vice president, Tariq al-Hashemi, alleging that he was organizing death squads. He also called for a vote of no-confidence in another Sunni politician, deputy prime minister Saleh al-Mutlaq.

    The moves exacerbated tensions between the two groups and fueled fears among both Sunnis and Kurds that Maliki was intent on consolidating power and driving any non-Shiite out of office.

    “Indicting a vice president and killing his bodyguards is out there, even by Iraqi standards,” the American Enterprise Institute’s Thomas Donnelly wrote in an email to conservative Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin. “Maliki must have had these moves in mind even while meeting with Obama last week and before.”

    Rubin also quoted AEI resident scholar Fred Kagan as saying, “The collapse of Iraq in the wake of the withdrawal of US forces is already underway. The situation is dire and deteriorating more rapidly than most people expected it would.”

    Vice President Joe Biden called Maliki on Tuesday to express concern at the arrest warrant, telling him “whatever the facts actually were, the Iraqis were creating a perception problem that would not advance their interests.”

    Hashemi got wind of the warrant in advance and fled Baghdad for the Kurd-controlled north of the country where he is essentially out of the reach of authorities.

    But while Hashemi is safe, the Iraqi people are not and a wave of roadside bombings swept through the capital early on Thursday, in the worst violence the country has seen in months.

    Most of the attacks were aimed at Shiite areas, The Associated Press reported, although some also seemed to be aimed at Sunnis.

    The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad condemned the bombings.

    “It is especially important during this critical period that Iraq’s political leaders work to resolve differences peacefully, through dialogue, and in accordance with Iraq’s constitution and laws,” the Embassy said in a statement.

    “Senseless acts of violence tear at the fabric of Iraqi unity and do not in any way help the people of Iraq or any of its communities.”

    But opposition figures inside the country lay much of the blame on Obama’s decision not to extend the departure deadline set by George W. Bush.

    Shiite opposition leader Ayad Allawi told Reuters, “”The Americans have pulled out without completing the job they should have finished. We have warned them that we don’t have a political process which is inclusive of all Iraqis, and we don’t have a full-blown state in Iraq.”

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    Senior US Official claims North Korea aiming missiles at Australia

    ‘HomeFront’ Predictive Programming and the Korea unification

    New North Korean Mobile Missile Poses Serious Threat

    Propaganda setup as MSM try to connection Iran with NK Missile Launch

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