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  1. When is this nonsense´╗┐ going to stop? I notice not one word about Saudi Arabia! Anyway why not go after the real 9/11 terrorist Lieutenant General Joseph Bouchard who also happened to utilise Al-Qaeda (Senior Executive Service created U.S. SBA 8(a)) know as the rat rebels in Libya as he was commanding the no-fly zone? Hows about going after GAPAN and the Master Mariners behind 9/11 for The Worshipful Company of Fuellers? Study Amalgam Virgo 01. Eric Findley, Robert Marr, Russell Williams.

    What about how the FBI’s own website admitted Osama Bin Laden wasn’t wanted in connection with 9/11 as there was no evidence to link him to the event? They love it now the frozen funds were allowed to be open just´╗┐ after the phony death of Laden allowing the funds to be freed and collected on. Forgetting he was killed in December 2001 and buried in the Republic of China quickly after. DONT FALL FOR THE PROPAGANDA. Its Afghanistan then Iraq then Iran, all HILL & KNOWLTON bunkum.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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