Marine Corps being distanced from the United States

What is Missing from the New Marine Corps Advertisement

by John Galt
March 13, 2012 16:45 ET

Watch and listen carefully:

(h/t Daily Caller)

The United States flag is only displayed on fake boxes marked “AID” which is insane.

No where in the audio are the phrases “United States” or “America” or “Constitution” mentioned.

No where is the idea of defending America first put forward.

In fact, no where in the ad will one hear the terms “USMC” or “United States Marines Corps.”

Very little beyond the picture above on the AID boxes is allowed to infer that the forces pictured are those of the United States under command of the United States.

Be scared my friends, this is how the globalist military is established and begins.

Enjoy wearing your League of Nations/United Nations patches and blue helmets boys and girls.

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