Oliver Newton John utilized Hollistic Health treatments during her Cancer [Video]



    Absolutely stunning news to hear Oliver Newton John used herbal medicines during her cancer and still does today. This is what we need people, big name guiding stars coming out with some truths to make people think for once. The only down side is she still has these quack radiation mammograms which cause breast cancer and also aid the spread of cancer already present.

    Remember the main area you need to fix when dealing with cancer is your Spleen and this will include the restoring of Liver function which balances the Spleen. This will aid the proteolytic function of the Pancreas and boost immunity especially if the Kidneys are restored. Immunity is useless against cancer unless one has the enzymatic reactions. Now folks can you tell me how good this feminine looks? Do you even realize she’s sixty two years old in that interview? I see youth today that look older in their teens and early twenties.

    -=> The Unhived Mind

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