Online documents about the Jesuit Order

Life inside the church of Rome (1889)
by Mary Frances CUSACK (1829-1899) A.K.A. “The nun of Kenmare”

The Secret History of the Jesuits, by Edmond Paris

Popery in its Social Aspect being a Complete Exposure of the
Immorality and Intolerance of Romanism
by Rev. R. P. Blakeney, D.D., LL.D

Manual of Romish controversy being a complete refutation of the
creed of pope Pius IV
by Rev. R. P. Blakeney, D.D., LL.D

Is it Mary or Lady of the Jesuits?
by Justin D. Fulton

Forty years in the church of Christ
by Charles Chiniquy
“In Georgetown, now a suburb of the city of Washington, the federal capital, they
established a seminary, the first Catholic educational institution in United States
territory ; from there, they extended their activities to Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey
and Pennsylvania. Indeed, it is to a certain degree due to their activities that the newly
formed united States included in its Constitution the principles of religious freedom.
In those days, one of Benjamin Franklin’s friends was a Jesuit ; this was John Carroll,
who had been brought up in Maryland, and who later, on Franklin’s special
recommendation, was appointed prefect apostolic and afterwards became the first
Catholic Bishop of the United States.”

Rene Fulop – Miller (1930)
page 273 (download whole book at above link)

A Candid History Of The Jesuits (1913)
I guess we can decide if it’s really “Candid” or not. :ph43r:

Many Jesuit books

Swarms of Locusts: The Jesuit attack on the Faith
By Michael Bunker

Hitler’s Pope
By John Cornwell

A History of the Jesuits
By John Poynder

Fourteen Years a Jesuit
By Count Paul von Hoensbroech

Volume 1

Volume 2

The Lies And Fallacies Of The Encyclopedia Britanica: How
Powerful And Shameless Clerical Forces Castrated A Famous
Work Of Reference
By Joseph McCabe

The Encyclopaedia Britannica – Ninth Edition
NOTE: This is the US version published by Charles Scribner’s Sons in New York

The Shattering Denial Library of Online Books (PDF Format)

Arctic Beacon Online Books:
Vatican / Jesuits etc.:

More Online Books: Vatican / Jesuits etc.:

Downloadable Jesuit Books on

i would download all these just in case they disappear. seriously, with all this knowledge
that’s made available through the internet. no one has any excuse.
Alberto Rivera Comics on PDF





Rome in America
A Foreign Threat, Jesuit Terrorist
Protestant Jesuitism, 1836 (???)
The Gunpowder-Treason, 1679
Secret Instructions of the Society of Jesus
A History of the Gunpowder Plot, The Conspiracy and its Agents by Philip Sidney 1904
History of the Progress and Suppression of the Reformation in Spain in the 16th
Century by Thomas M’
Where Are the Millions That Mother Teresa Collected
JESUITS in the History of INDIA (might be pro jesuit)

The History of Protestantism – Rev. J. Wylie, 1878
History of the Jesuits; Their Origin, Progress, Doctrines, and Designs by Giovanni
Battista Nicolini
Why Priests Should Wed by Justin Fulton
Marie Monk, A Nun Tells All (Awful Disclosures)
Romanism in the Light of History

Identity of the Festivals of Rome and Babylon
The Fight With Rome

ABC Library of Foreign Conspiracy, The Jesuits

Dealings with the Inquisition; or, Papal Rome, Her Priests, and Her Jesuits, with
important disclosures

Proof of Rome’s Political Meddling in America (1927)

This is The Fellowship Forum’s amazing book “Proof of Rome’s
Political Meddling in America” (1927) which presents evidence that
the Roman Catholic Church in the United States was (and still is)
actively working to “make America Catholic” and demolish its
traditional Protestant faith.
It uses papal documents, a conference report from the National Catholic
Welfare Council, a map of catholic institutions strategically located
around Washington D.C. and documents from other church agencies to make
its case of a Catholic conspiracy to takeover the United States.
Included are photographs, illustrations, and a pull-out organizational
chart of the National Catholic Welfare Council. It asserts that the
“central agency of this campaign” is located in Washington and is known
as the National Catholic Welfare Conference.
Some Americans have noticed that there is a significant number of Catholic
institutions located right inside Washington DC. Among the most known is
certainly Georgetown University where former US president Bill Clinton was

Proof of Rome’s Political Meddling in America shows that Roman Catholic
Church in the US is indeed deeply involved in politics with a view to
making all Americans turn Catholic. Its claims are irrefutable mainly
because they are based almost wholly from Roman Catholic sources, that
the Roman Catholic church in the United States, in its effort to ‘make
America Catholic,’ is in quest of temporal power, and that it is ‘in
politics’ as a means to that end.
115 pages, some pictures. A must read for everyone.
PDF Format, 2.91 MB

This is a bit older, but seems to be rare. It has lots of interesting pictures in it. I saw
Tony Alamo making a reference to this document on his website.
Genocide in Croatia 1941-1945
Published by: Serbian National Defense Council of Canada, Serbian National Defense
Council of America


“In Croatia this was achieved through the close ties of the Catholic church with the
Pavic’s Independent State of Croatia whose minister of education, Mile Budak, stated in

“A part of the Serbs we will destroy, another part we will expel, the others will be converted to
Catholicism and turned into Croats. In this way, we will eradicate their traces and what will be
left will be just a bad memory of them.”

Heres also an interesting article from former Byzantine Blog,appeared last week, where
Croatian Ex-Minister admits Croatia wanted and started the war in the 90s
this diplomat Peter Galbraith the article is refering to attended just like Clinton both at
Oxford University, this RIIA CFR Round Table Group recruitng center and also at Jesuit
Georgetown University.
So not only in WW2 but also in the 90s the key players still are Vatican/Jesuit agents.
Nothing changed.

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A none copyrighted work compiled in 1936 with citations from church men, speakers,
politicians, and others from both inside and outside the Catholic Church. An amazing
compendium of quotes that can be printed out in 44 pages. Must read for those truly
interested and concerned with the present state of things in the world!

Nino Lo Bello – The Vatican Empire
The Authoritative Report that Reveals the Vatican as a Nerve Center of High
Finance and Penetrates the Secret of Papal Wealth

This is Nino Lo Bello’s monumental book „The Vatican Empire – The Authoritative
Report that Reveals the Vatican as a Nerve Center of High Finance and Penetrates the
Secret of Papal Wealth” (1968) which clearly exposes the Vatican as one of the world’s
largest shareholders, with a stock portfolio that can be conservatively estimated in the
billions of dollars. The extent of papal wealth has traditionally been cloaked in secrecy.
Even within the Vatican’s own walls there is no individual who has an overall view of its
infinitely ramified financial operations. In The Vatican Empire, Nino Lo Bello, a former
Rome correspondent for Business Week, presents the first comprehensive and
authoritative report on the Vatican as a nerve center of high finance. The picture that
emerges is one of awesome fiscal power. Bello describes in fascinating detail Vatican
investments in real estate – one third of Rome is owned by the Holy See – electronics,
plastics, airlines, and chemical and engineering firms. He also gives evidence that the
Vatican is heavily involved in Italian banking and that it has huge deposits in foreign
banks. Many of these are in Switzerland, since the Vatican financiers prefer numbered
Swiss accounts where annonymity is maintained and where they can gain control of
foreign corporations far from the public eye. Although written in the objective, nonsensational
style of the newsman, this is a book that finally demonstrates the depth of
the Vatican’s commitment to the world of big business. 180 pages. A must read for


In the course of his career, Nogara had become a specialist in gold. Thus for a considerable period after
he took over the Special Administration, he engaged in the trading of gold bullion for gold coins and gold
coins for gold bullion in deals that, without precise details, defy understanding of anything but the fact
that most of them were profitable. His confidence in the precious metal virtually unshakable, the canny
Nogara spent $26.8 million to buy gold from the United States at the official rate of $35 per fine troy
ounce, plus 0.25 percent for handling charges. In later years, rumors cropped up that the Vatican had
obtained this gold at a special price of $34 an ounce, but when the rumors were printed in—and given
some credence by—a United Nations publication, the U.S. Treasury Department dismissed the matter
once and for all in April 1953, by stating that the Vatican had made the purchase at the same price as
anybody else. In fact, $5 million of the Vatican-acquired gold was sold back to the United States, leaving
a net sale of $21.8 million. The Vatican gold, which is in the shape of ingots, is on deposit with the U.S.
Federal Reserve Bank.

La Monarchie des Solipses (The Monarchy of the Solipsists)
(This book is in French. I know Phelps is having it translated into English. This is for
those who speak French fluently.)
A satire against the Jesuits, ascribed by some to G.C. Scotti and by others to M.
Inchofer, originally published in Latin at Venice in 1645 under the pseudonym Lucius
Cornelius Europaeus.

Facts and Evidence, by Brian David Andersen

The History of the Popes: From the Foundation of the See of
Rome to A.D. 1758
By Archibald Bower
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Finally found an illustrated edition, download!
The History of Protestantism
By James A. Wylie
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Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy
By Peter de Rosa

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