Pallavicini are JESUITS and Jesuit controlled FULLSTOP

My Pallavicini connected through blood contact who dislikes me talking about the House of Pallavicini would like you believe the Pallavicini are against the Jesuits. I’m here to tell you this is bunkum and you’ll also see another Pallavicini character by the name of Giancarlo Pallavicini who controlled the Knights of Malta in 1988 as its head under the title of Lieutenant. The Jesuits control the Knights of Malta and have done since 1798. Therefore what does this make this Pallavicini? The same as Felice Pallavicini, Jesuit lackies.

-=The Unhived Mind


  • The Pallavicini conspiracy theory? You know where this ends baby? It ends in hellfire. La Rouche is a liar. Next thing you will tell me is that Christopher Colombus was a Pallavicini as Tarpley believes. Ha ha ha ha.

    Hey the reason I call you a baby is because you underestimate the Jesuits power with useless accusations against my family and other Albergi of Genoa


  • So do you deny the fact that Giancarlo Pallavicini was the head of the Knights of Malta in 1988? Its a fact which no one can deny and is on record for all to see. If the Knights of Malta are controlled since 1798 by the Jesuits then that means any Pallavicini within these Orders are controlled or simply weak characters with no balls, one or the other and judging from previous times I don’t think its so much the later. Felice Pallavicini is a Knight of Malta as evidenced by his proud cape wearing whilst fooling muslims that he’s their brother in Allah. Two Pallavicini so far found in the Knights of Malta and I bet plenty more yet they’re very much disguised it would seem not even liking pictures of themselves out there either, reminds me of the Orsini maybe more so. You deny that Marie Camilla Pallavicini hasn’t run the black nobility? Do you deny the Pallavicni are more powerful than the Windsors? Wheres the evidence they’re against the Jesuit? There’s more that their for the Jesuit than not. Prove to us that the Pallavicini aren’t power players of old, very doubtful anyone with that power will give it up in any way shape or form.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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