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  1. The real players behind this new slavery WORKFARE system is Unum (Unum Provident/Insurance), Common Purpose and Demos. The DWP are fronts to take all the blame. What they don’t tell you is they expect you to travel by car or bus for 90 minutes, now work out that distance and try traveling that on a bicycle. So they want you to spend an extra three hours of your long slave day on top then by the time you get home from your pittance job on minimum wage you have to hit the bed. Whilst working on such a petty income you have to take handouts still from the Government called tax-credits etc to top up your pathetic wage in this massive inflation creating economy thanks to The Worshipful Company of International Bankers. You wouldn’t mind all this hassles against the unemployed if there were bloody jobs to take but theres nothing in this DEPRESSION! Make sure you study the history of the wicken Unum Provident in the States.

    -The Unhived Mind

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