Not only was this predictive programming show a subliminal promotion of homosexuality but it was also an aid to the ‘linguistic minimalism’ agenda at the same time. Do not let your children of God watch BBC predictive programming designed for kids of Satan.

    Homosexuality promotion is a must if the Uranian agenda is to take place being the ancient Hermetic worship of the alchemist Order of the Rosy Cross. They see the hermaphrodite as being Divine like their God Baphomet the hermaphrodite goat headed devil. Their alchemist idea is to unite man with women and Heaven with Earth as one creating the perfection of man. Homosexuality is a stepping stone to this far-out ancient mindset. The BBC was one of the first to subliminally condition your mind to accepting the unisex toilets as programmed via the show Eastenders and it’s club.

    Eventually all natural human beings will be phased out and replaced with laboratory-only created hybrid hermaphrodites. This aids the destruction of the mindset of sexes entirely. All these hybrids will be one color destroying the mindset of race. Race mindset will be destroyed before this by promotion of cross-breeding and the resulting mulatto offspring. You do not believe me? Study ‘Practical Idealism’ by Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and everything will come into place. Homosexuality promotion aids in the destruction of current religions as does the atheism push aided by the false evolution teachings in the indoctrinating school system for the Devil’s Messiah agenda.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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