The Sons of Loyola Celebrate Their Crusades [Video] *Sickening*

This sickens me. Nothing about the millions of victims of the fake war on terror. Even if you were not aware that 911 was an inside job and the product of Jesuit perfidy you should be able to see the war on terror for what it is: A modern day Roman Catholic crusade. Get a clue America. They defeated YOU with the 14th Amendment. You are the subjects of the Pope, slaves to the Federal Reserve and IMF and nothing more than cannon fodder for their quest to ‘take all lands in the name of the Pope’ Many of you even fall prey to the lies that this is about American Patriotism. Once you have pulled your head out of your ass they have already enacted legislation to deal with ‘heretics’. You will be ‘exterminated and extirpated from the face of the whole earth.’ You will be the victims of genocide on a scale unseen since the last psychopathic Jesuit henchmen from Nazi Germany erased the Jews and the Lutherans from the once proud Republic of Germany.

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