1. Lou Cifer

    Thanks for the great info brother! With all the shit that’s being sold as “Generally Recognized As Safe” these days, it’s good to know what we can do to look after our own health responsibly, because it’s pointless going to doctors lately, due to them only running “Practices”. They are just legalized drug dealers for Big Pharma, and they are pushing poisonous concoctions onto the public without knowing what the true effects are of those drugs…But they won’t start questioning their learnings from MedSchool because they don’t want to get pressured out of their lucrative positions for going against the grain. And besides, they are onto too much of a good earner to be messing it up, what with the free holidays and other kickbacks they get from the industry, for pedaling the snake oil onto an unsuspecting public! I’ve seen loads driving Porsche’s, Mitsubishi Evo’s and the like, but I don’t go to the doctors myself, because I’m fortunate enough to be very healthy in mind and I believe that an unhealthy mind is where most major problems in the body spring from. Mind over Matter – I don’t mind so it doesn’t matter!

    Anything that is causing me concern with my health, I research it all by looking at the work of PROFESSIONALS, not PRACTITIONERS, from many sources; and then implement the knowledge I have gained into workable guidelines which I can stick at to live a healthier lifestyle! Natural is the only way to go though. Chinese medicine beats Western medicine hands down. Over there, the people pay the doctor to keep them well, and if they do become sick, the doctor has to pay them. Acupuncture is very good if done properly, and I think sound frequencies are very powerful too!

    I’ll have a look into Linus Pauling’s work and also the Qi-gong system of healing also.


    • Oh these allopathic quacks know exactly what their drugs are doing. All doctors own a Physicians’ Desk Reference listing the hundreds of thousands of side effects from pharmaceutical sorcery. Remember up to 300,000 a year in the U.S. alone die from pharmaceutical drugs per year. Still frightened of Al-Qaeda now? Be more worried about your neighborhood doctor and his quack clinic or those hospitals of death serving both The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers at New Jerusalem aka City of London.

      The pharmaceutical industry is all about population control and reduction at the highest level. The next level of that industry is for profit for peon merchants and the national gross domestic product during the Zero Growth Post Industrial Society Plan. The Club of Rome and its Global 2000 Report request a global population reduction of 65% by 2050. The best way to achieve this goal is through the food, water, air supplies and the quacks office all veiled up as doing the opposite aided by that brainwashing from childhood.

      In the U.K up to 3,000 die on average a year from flu and up to 30,000 a year in a serious epidemic of flu. So now are you worried about flu propaganda on the television or are you worried about the amount of disease and deaths from pharmaceuticals guaranteed yearly and increasing? Hows about socialized medicine now using inferior generic medicines which are causing more problems than the older medicines such as the new Levothyroixine being given out to thyroid sufferers. Those who took the old proper versions were fine but now this new generic version is out well these people are suffering a lot of bad symptoms. Just a Coincidence? I think not.

      -= The Unhived Mind

      • Lou Cifer

        I can’t argue with that at all! I don’t believe in coincidence either…Everything happens the way it’s supposed to/or been designed to happen. I’m definitely not afraid of Al-Qaeda…Never have been, but doctors bother me a bit…That’s why I stay clear of them!

        • You mean Al-Qaeda that was created by the Chicago Marcy family through Carl M Marcy’s daughter-in-law Kristine Marcy? The same Kristine who created Al-Qaeda through her Senior Executive Service via the U.S Small Business Administrations 8(a) program? The same Kristine Marcy trained at Jesuit Georgetown University which rules the military power of the United States and uses it as the whipping boy to bring back the World under the Council of Trent? I thought thats who you meant!

          -= The Unhived Mind

    I’m not sure why you don’t mention it, but according to the Pauling/Rath protocol it is very important to adjuvate vitamin C intake with proline and lysine, especially the latter as it is an essential amino acid which our body cannot synthesize (unlike proline which is a non-essential amino acid, but I believe both need to be supplied due to the amounts needed).

    • Yes its a protocol to be worked on and all the compounds are used together otherwise it becomes almost worthless so if I do not agree with just one compound I need not speak on the other compounds unless I have to. I hoped the original question asker was aware of the full protocol by Mattias Rath and Linus Pauling. I’ll stick with the more natural methods myself as I said before.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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