Folks if you looked at 13:10 GMT you will have noticed the prices for Gold and Silver were:

$1785 & $37.18

Now at just 16:15 GMT you will notice the U.S. vermin have suppressed the metal yet again:

$1738 & $35.97

This is outright disgusting and its about time this rigging of the markets was stopped once and for all. We are absolutely fed up of the corruption and fraud occurring daily. Bullion right now has stopped being the total protection against inflation based on the acceptable of the current system. Whilst metals are suppressed but everything else still rises, then how can bullion be a true 100% hedge and insurance at this minute? Hold in their folks as there’s nothing else for you and hopefully this will change at some point. It will never be what it should be until you remove the merchant scum called The Worshipful Company of Mercers and the Universal Postal Union.

-= The Unhived Mind

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2 Responses to UHM – PPT/Bernanke suppress Gold highs in hours by dropping Gold $50 & Silver $1

    Now you’ll just notice as of 18:59 we have had another massive drop with the Gold spot now at just $1712 and Silver at $34.76. What a joke of a system huh?

    -= The Unhived Mind

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