Woman raped by Detective in her home

Detective found guilty of raping woman, 43, in her own home after she turned him down following date

Derby Crown Court convicted Trevor Gray, 47, of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault
Forced the security chain on the front door of his victim’s house and attacked her as she slept
Victim was forced to pretend ‘nothing had happened’ as her young child was in the house

By Jill Reilly
PUBLISHED: 17:14, 30 May 2012 | UPDATED: 17:48, 30 May 2012

A police detective sergeant has been found guilty of raping a 43-year-old mother in her home.

The officer shook his head in the dock as a jury at Derby Crown Court took less than three hours to convict Trevor Gray of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault.

The victim had told the court she had been unable to confront Gray, 47, because her young child was also in the house at the time.

Gray, from Nottingham, had been suspended from Nottinghamshire Police pending the outcome of the investigation into the attack at a house in Nottingham last July.

The court heard that he forced the security chain on the front door of his victim’s house, then made his way upstairs and attacked her as she slept.

Minutes earlier, Gray had sent a text message to the woman from the street outside, which read ‘You are harsh’, after she asked him to leave so she could go to bed.

Derby Crown Court was told Gray had ‘plainly intended’ to have sex with the woman and she had ‘upset’ his plans.

The pair, who met through mutual friends, had been out for drinks earlier that evening before sharing a cab.

But the victim, a mother-of-one, said she was ‘shocked’ when Gray also got out of the taxi at her modern £200,000 home in an upmarket suburb of Nottingham.

She told jurors she invited him in out of ‘courtesy’ for no more than 15 minutes, before telling him she was tired and asking him to go.

Gray left, but instead of heading home, hung around the street.

Steven Coupland, prosecuting, said: ‘He tried to call her but she ignored his calls, and texted her and asked her to get him a cab.

‘Instead of him calling a cab himself, he decided to return to her address despite the fact it had been made plain he was being asked to

‘He rang the bell. He did not take the message. He found the door was not locked but had security chain on to make it secure.

‘What he did was the force that chain. He went upstairs to where she was sleeping and went into her room. She woke to find he was on top of her.’

The court heard the woman had a ‘limited recollection’ of what happened next, despite only have a small number of drinks while out with Gray.

However, Mr Coupland said she recalled he tried to get her to touch him intimately, before raping her – even though she told him to stop.

Jurors were told the next memory the woman had was waking up at 5.30am to find Gray still in bed with her.

The woman said Gray appeared to be unaware she was ‘uncomfortable’ – even when she asked him several times how he had got into her home during the night.

She eventually plucked up the courage to call him a taxi, and as he was leaving, spotted the broken security chain.

She told the jury Gray said: ‘Don’t worry, I’ll fix it’, causing her to lose her temper and push him out of the house.

Later that day, she told a friend her version of what had happened, then called Gray ‘to go through the sequence of events’.

However, she said Gray appeared ‘cold’, and when he asked her ‘Does this put you off me’, she hung up.

The following day, she spoke with a police officer friend, who reported the matter to her superiors.

Gray claimed he had returned to the woman’s home and found her door ajar before forcing his way in because he ‘thought something might have happened to her.’

He told the jury he ‘fell back into his mode as a trained police officer and decided he would enter to save a life effectively’, before finding the woman sitting up in bed awake.

The court heard Gray, who was suspended after his arrest, told officers she had initiated sex, and the pair had ‘parted on good terms’ with a kiss on the doorstep the following morning.

He added he had no idea anything was wrong until he received her phone call.

The court was told the pair had met on a night out with mutual friends around a month before the alleged attack, on July 24 last year.

They swapped phone numbers and exchanged ‘jokey’ texts before meeting for a drink.

The woman said Gray appeared ‘articulate, funny and pleasant’, and they met again a few days later in Nottingham City Centre.

However, the woman said that despite only having three glasses of wine and lemonade, and a double vodka and coke bought for her by Gray, she ‘could not remember much’ of the evening’.

She told the jury how she had a ‘vague recollection’ of being unable to understand why Gray got out of the taxi at her house.

The woman added: ‘I never invite people back to my house. Even if I have decided someone is okay, it is not something I do. I did not even find him attractive.

‘I vaguely remember saying he needed to go, I needed to go to bed, and he needed to get a taxi from the top of the road. He went out the back door.

‘My memory is of locking the door and putting the chain on. I remember being woken by the bell ringing lots and lots of times. I just ignored it and went back to sleep.

‘The next thing, I was aware of a naked person. He was over me. I was in bed. I said ‘don’t do that’. It was not what I wanted.’

Gray, of Watnall, Notts, had denied rape, attempted rape and sexual assault.

The judge, John Wait, remanded Gray into custody to reappear for sentence at Derby Crown Court tomorrow.

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