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  1. Rowan Williams is a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor who was placed into the Church of England to aid its destruction. His role was to create chaos within in Church of England to aid the splitting of the Church which in turn would aid a move of many members over to the Harlot Catholic Church under the anti-Christ Holy See. Please study the Treaty of Verona from 1822 and I am sure you will see what is going on today especially when you understand the new unHoly Roman Empire (little horn) built up since 1814 with the Congress of Vienna. Do a study of the Union for the Mediterranean and its connection to all of this under King Juan Carlos of Spain.

    Rowan Williams has lectured at the Jesuit Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He has met with the Superior General of the Jesuit Order on numerous occasions. He is regularly shadowed by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor which should give you some clues who pulls his strings. Williams has kissed the fisher ring of the Pope showing his complete subordination to the Papacy as he also prayed inside the Vatican. The Jesuit Order have infiltrated all enemy churches since the counter-Reformation. Those Christian churches it struggled to infiltrate were then infiltrated using the Charismatic movement. Listen to Hiram Dukes expose how the Catholic Church infiltrates its enemies in the video provided below.

    It is nice to see the Church of England fighting some of the counter-Reformation actions. Please remember that the counter-Reformation never died it continues to this day and was renewed by the Second Vatican Council. The Catholic Church has never denounced the Council of Trent which puts over a hundred curses of death on Protestantism and Protestants. Rowan Williams was a menace to the Church. You may like to study the secret oath of the fourth vow Jesuit held on Congressional Record.

    Please make note how you hardly see an authorized King James Bible inside a Church these days. You certainly will never see the Geneva Bible 1560/99 in a Church. Ask yourself why this is happening and who is behind it. Ask yourself why the Catholic Church have mastered hundreds of false Bibles in order to move people away from the Geneva Bible. Ask yourself why Knight of Malta, Rupert Murdoch owns most of those false Bibles. Who does he serve? He serves the Cardinal Grandmaster of the Order of Malta and the Pope himself.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera and Hiram Dukes:

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