Jesuit proxy Joe Biden Says Destroying Second Amendment a “Public Safety” Issue

Biden Says Destroying Second Amendment a “Public Safety” Issue

January 10, 2012

Obama’s second in command has framed the federal government’s campaign to hobble the Second Amendment as a “public safety” issue.

This will be how the government proceeds – like they proceeded when they mandated all cars have airbags.

In 2005, however, it was discovered that airbags are actually associated with slightly increased probability of death in accidents.

Sort like government-mandated “gun free zones” are responsible for a higher incidence of death.

Biden and the establishment media, of course, won’t tell you about that as they push their “public safety” mantra designed to dismantle the cornerstone of the Bill of Rights.

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  • Just another sick set-up by military intelligence by proxy in order to aid the future confiscation of guns either by force or by color of law (fiction) statutes and legislation. Hillary Clinton cannot wait to remove all the guns from the United States for the United Nations World Marxist dictatorship state coming shortly. Once again nothing more than Ordo-Ab-Chao commanded by the Valley of Dallas, Scottish Rite for the takeover and destruction of the United States. Barry Soetoro aka Obama gave his pathetic acting and crocodile tears after his intelligence operations commit the crime for the problem-solution-reaction(gun control). How many times have we found out that these so-called lone gunmen events have turned out to be multiple gunmen? During the U.S. Election Obama made out he was against gun grabbing except for assault weapons. This was to aid and veil himself for the coming future events like this they have planned. So when they attempt to hinder guns in the U.S. even further the majority of the people will not lay blame solely at Obama’s feet. They know what they have planned and work to this plan which always deceives the people constantly. This is all in preparation now for the U.N Arms Treaty to be accepted Worldwide.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    Iron Mountain – Blueprint for Tyranny



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