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  1. Doomsday Preparation – Storing Eggs 9 Months

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    On an episode of Doomsday Preppers one of the items that caught my attention was when Kellene Bishop was talking about being able to store eggs for as long as 9 to 12 months.

    As a prepper you should always be on the lookout for tips on how to preserve food for the longest possible time. One item that isn’t all the easiest to keep in your emergency supply is fresh eggs. Even in a refrigerator they don’t last all that long. With this tip you will be able to safely store eggs up to 9 months or more without compromising your safety.

    It only seems logical that we should be able to do this as in most foreign countries you see eggs unrefrigerated all the time. It’s only here in America and other countries do you see eggs refrigerated. This is because when a chicken lays an egg there is a natural coating called the bloom that protects the egg.

    As part of your emergency preparations you can basically mimic mother nature by using mineral oil to protect the eggs from oxygen which will eventually lead to rotting.

    The best way to preserve eggs for a long period of time is to use mineral oil to protect the eggs.
    Here is how to store your eggs for 9 to 12 months.

    Take mineral oil and heat it up for about 10 seconds or so in a microwave. Take all of the eggs out of the container. You’ll want to do this because if you don’t once your hands are covered in mineral oil it will be hard to get them out.

    Put on some food handling handling gloves or if need be medical gloves. Coat each egg thoroughly. Then put the egg back in the carton with the pointed side down.

    Now you need to store the eggs in a temperature below around 68 degrees and you should be able to store eggs for a longer duration. You will want to rotate the eggs every month or so. You could set a reminder on a calendar or phone. Just gently turn the case over so the top becomes the bottom and the bottom of the egg container is on the top. This will help preserve the integrity of the yolk.

    You won’t need to worry about knowing if the egg has gone bad, just use your nose, if it smells bad don’t eat it and get rid of it.

    Thanks to Kellene Bishop sharing this great tip on Doomsday Preppers. Tips like this will help us all be more prepared for emergency situations.
    Another tip from Kellene Bishop is using cheese wax to preserve Cheese

    Using this method to store cheese for a longer amount of time is fairly simple. There are a lot of articles on preserving cheese but you may not know buy cheese wax. The previous link will help with that.

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