1. ACE1947

    At point 16:24 on part one Eric Jon Phelps is wrong about the Jesuits destroying the British Empire as they co-opted it and it was and is the most useful acquisition for pushing their agenda that they ever had and still have.

    Your multiculturalism that no one voted for in the UK and in the former all white and mainly Protestant colonies of the British Empire that is destroying these formerly fine places is evidence of Jesuit control that has come to the forefront in the last 50 years.

    • Not only do the Pallavicini family have a grip over the Muslim World, they have also controlled Britain for a very long time. You will note their connection to the Cromwell family. If you want the big players in Britain you have to look at the Howard, Powell and Percy families such as the Duke of Northumberland study deeper into the Normans. Remember that Barbara Bush stems from the Catholic Percy family through the Pearce offshoot. Yes the Jesuits took command of the City of London (New Jerusalem) basically from 1815 with the aid of the Battle of Waterloo. Some seventeen years after subordinating the Order of Malta using Temporal Coadjutor Napoleon Bonaparte. Not forgetting the Jesuits federal force the FBI (pink triangle boys) stemming from Charles Bonaparte The Pallavicini have controlled the Rothschild family since its acceptance into the power fold by the Cecil family who were also controlled by the catholic Pallavicini family. Study the likes of Sigieri Vittoria Pallavicini along with Felice and Yayha Pallavicini. Take a look at the Nattino family and Giampietro Nattino whilst paying close attention to where their Bank Finnat HQ is located.

      -= The Unhived Mind


  2. enki

    UHM I was wondering why doesn’t Eric never mention any of the papal nobility or the Ptolemaic nobility.

    also what do you think of the works by Eustace Mullins?? ive been finishing up some of his books.

    • Eric Jon Phelps has mentioned the Papal Nobility in this very interview. He makes the mistake of speaking of the Borgia when we have no evidence of their existence if we go deep enough. He also speaks of the Farnese and yet we can only find that Larry Farnese in the United States. The Farnese were continued through the House of Bourbon and this is the only connection you will find to the original Farnese. The Orsini family on the other hand are still strong and riddled with Medici blood. You have to understand that many of these families were destroyed and then others just bred between themselves for status and to hide and in order to survive and stop the battles. In Italy families were being wiped out rapidly through fighting all the time. The scioning of the bloodlines helped combat this and concentrate the power and genes. Look at Prince William for instance, he is a scion of Medici, Sforza, Stuart, Guelph/Windsor and more. His child to be will then be a scion with the Goldschmidt family of Germany through the Middleton connection.

      Eustace Mullins did some great works and was aware of the Jesuit Order. Eustace Mullins praised Eric Jon Phelps’s book Vatican Assassins and was given a copy by Eric. Eustace has been ripped off by many and ignored by others. One such rip off agent is Edward G. Griffin on the subject of the Federal Reserve. You will notice the so-called alternative media trump Griffin on the Federal Reserve work but never mention Eustace Mullins who pioneered all of it. Why is that?

      -= The Unhived Mind

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