Monarchy’s crimes against humanity are hiden by Bahraini media

Bahrain media hides monarchy’s crimes against humanity: Osama al-Aradi

Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:37PM GMT

If you want to see what is going on in Bahrain you should not look at the Bahraini-governed media. Let’s look at for example what the opposition media is showing – Luna TV is showing the real truth and happened.”

An analyst says, Bahrain’s media whitewash of the popular uprising shows football to its audience to hide teargas killings and other crimes against humanity in Bahrain.

In the background of this, Bahraini security forces have attacked a funeral ceremony of a man killed in anti-regime protests by tear gas in their efforts to crush dissent, a crackdown of which has lasted for more than 22 months now as the people’s popular revolution shows no signs of weakening. Bahrain media has a blackout on the popular uprising from international attention.

Press TV has interviewed Mr. Osama al-Aradi, president of the Bahraini Medical Association, Detroit about this issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: It is almost two years into the revolution in Bahrain. Looking back at the course of the events that have taken place since February 2011.

How do you judge the zeal and the passion of the Bahraini people and the blowback from the government?

al-Aradi: I can definitely say that the people of Bahrain are not backing off. They’ve had 120 people who have been killed; there are many who are in jail; there are many who have been discriminated against; many who have been stabbed; and many tortured… And the people are continuing to order peaceful demands; they are not going to back off about that.

The monarchy with its operation and aggression, one of the things they use is the tear gas, which is supposed to be a non-lethal weapon and as you know the Bahrain government is using it to kill people.

Hajj Habib Abdullah who died a couple of days, he was suffocated, he was 80 years old and as you know the Bahrain government targets people with too much of that gas from poisonous canisters.

In addition to directly hitting homes with these tear gas canisters, not only that, but they target people; and really, really young men have died because of direct injuries to their heads that have met with these teargas canisters.

Press TV: If you look at Bahraini media today specifically, the scenes they’re showing right now is that of jubilation amongst the crowd regarding some football match the Bahraini team has won.

How accurate is that of the depiction of what is actually happening in Bahrain?

al-Aradi: If you want to see what is going on in Bahrain you should not look at the Bahraini-governed media. Let’s look at for example what the opposition media is showing – Luna TV is showing the real truth and happened.

These things that are happening, the real truth, the government does not want to show. And that’s one of the reasons that the opposition are going to march this Friday to the capital city of Manama so that the media of the international community will show it more and more.

As you know there is not too much attention that Bahrain is getting because there is a lot of cover, a lot of things being covered – the media do not want to show it and that’s why it is not getting to the international media.

But look at Twitter, look at Face Book, look at things run by the opposition and you will soon see the real truth of what is going on in Bahrain.

At least look at for example al-Wefaq, which still has its website and it mentioned about Hajj Habib and how he was killed. So, the government would not like these things to appear.

It wants to show that Bahrain is a peaceful country, there is nothing going on and that’s what it does all the time… But I don’t think it will succeed because the movement of the opposition is continuing; the al-Wefaq for example already indicated that they are not going to participate in the 2014 parliament action and election.

So they cannot separate and oppress this forever and the people are going for their demands; they are not backing off of their demands at all.

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