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  1. All the Nazi DWP staff who make life a living misery for benefit claimants are frightened they too will end up getting the same treatment. They fear becoming major slaves whipped by the Nazi DWP slave master and forced to work for less than a third of the legal minimum-wage or face benefit sanctions for up to three years. Jobcentreplus staff had better get used to life stuck on workfare as the jobcentres close soon and all claims and signings are conducted through the Internet using biometrics bypassing the need for dictatorship Hitler wannabe STASI staff.

    You reap what you sow, if only people had listened to the conspiracy of the post-industrial zero-growth society planned and created by the Club of Rome run by the Peccei family. If only people had believed we were to become a Marxist state riddled with slave labour programmes and Big Society conditioning of being a slave in the community. Welcome to your worse nightmare called New World Order, you bloody deserve it for all your continual ignorance and aiding of this NWO.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    World Socialism under the U.N World Government (Iron Mountain Report)

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