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  1. Please do not fall for all this hype about anything remotely connected to the pseudo-science Royal Society and its offshoots Worldwide. The only way to truly help your health is through resonant energy via homoeopathy where by your own body heals itself correctly. Man cannot understand the genomes from God regardless what he claims. Man took forever and a day to even realize you needed other compounds as well as the vitamin C in order to assimilate vitamin C properly. Need I say that the Orange fruit by God contains everything needed and more man does not even have a clue about. Understand? Mans guess work and tampering with genetics will cause the human race to go extinct in the coming future. Man has zero clue about most of which he claims, that which he does have a clue then has to be censored and suppressed because usually its in the favor of the mass people and the medical mafia cannot have that.

    Now lets name and shame the controllers of the medical mafia aka this big pharma everyone talks about but next exposes fully. The controllers are of course The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers. Yes the system is dominated by the pirates of the Livery who serve the City of London corporation. Do a study into The Worshipful Company of Mercers and its creations of Gresham College and the Royal Society.

    Now think for a minute, even if there was a perfect system that was so easy like whats claimed in the article above, you would not see light or day of it. Why? Population control and reduction desires of the Club of Rome. Do you honestly think they will release any technology that prolongs life at a time the Malthusian swines believe the World is over populated? Do you think they will let you live happily when they desire you ill so they can control you and reap profits from the pharmaceutical companies which go towards payment (slavery) of the debt to the nation. A nation in a post-industrial zero-growth society reliant on disease and fines to try to buffer for the loss of manufacturing.

    Wake up people. Forget genetic hogwash! Learn and be excited about homoeopathy and the work of genius, Samuel Hahnemann.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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