1. What we are seeing is the destruction of the physical book you can actually own. Now they want you to rent these e-books which can be destroyed with a blink of an eye if they do desire. Over time paper books will become extinct and there will be no need for the Government to even bother with a Fahrenheit 451 type scenario of burning books. Do not forget that you do not own the book you thought you bought, its rented and many a time riddled with DRM protection stopping you from transferring it from one medium to another. Have they forgot about the planned obsolescence agenda where devices break within five minutes? What happens then to your rented trash or what if you want to pass it on to your family member? Ask Bruce Willis on that one! Did you also forget that each time you want to read your book you end up needing to spend money via electric? What about if they want to censor parts of books in the future? Are you sure they cannot malware out your book’s paragraphs?

    -= The Unhived Mind

  2. enki

    i keep most of my books on a pdf file on my flash drive, i am also thinking of getting a exterior harddrive and just start hoarding books for just incase, its amazing how many books you can have with only just 1 gb imagine a 1terabyte amount of books.

    but agree with you in the future books will be easily controlled. also editing them will be easier, unless you have a offline copy.

    • Yes but make sure you keep an old computer that can view and play your files because in the future the next generation machines may ban or alter files and thats if you are lucky they end up reading them.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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