1. Study ‘Practical Idealism’ by Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and you will understand exactly what this video is all about and also why things are happening as they are today. Race has to be destroyed and race mixing to create mulattos is the weapon of choice. Then comes the destruction of class and gender which can both be removed by the third sex agenda of homosexuality.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  2. CDNpiper

    “this is a threat to the dark ages” is what I wanted to say.
    That race thing I over heard a Hopi Indian talking about it, years ago.
    We’re all children under the creator. We all have out blessings and curses.

    What’s been happening in the last few weeks is just insanity!! From Bullhorn
    guy and CNN to gun supporters ending up with bullets to the back of the head.

    Has this world completely lost it’s mind? I feel the elites agenda is running behind
    schedule. So it appears this is now in overdrive. It’s uncanny how the USA in 2013
    is like Germany 1929! Same play book, same tactics, same everything, hopefully the
    results will be different. Talk about a world in balance. A gram of weight on either
    side will tip the scales.
    Sadly evil will do what the good won’t. How can good win if it won’t resort to evil?
    Evil as no problem taking life, where as good can’t. Might is right!

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