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  1. Al-Assad and Putin have crippled the Western terrorist attempts to take over Syria. The terrorists desired the takeover in a quick fashion but have failed miserably against the better minded Putin and Assad. Now the City of London Corporation and King Juan Carlos are putting the screws on their puppet fronts like Hague and Clinton to get the job done.

    Now the military intelligence have to start the fear factor with WMDs again just as they did with Iraq. Have they learned from their mistakes of the past? Will they set off a false-flag chemical weapon attack and blame Syria? Will they pretend in their media that an attack has taken place even when it has not? Lets wait and see but rest assured they are cornered rats desperate now to attack Syria with military interventions after a no-fly zone is implemented.

    Who has used chemical weapons on innocent people in the past? Why it was the United States with Agent Orange in the Vietnamese war. Who has use atomic weapons on innocent people in the past? Why it was the United States in the war on Japan in World War II. Who has micro-nuked Aleppo in Syria recently? Why it was likely the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Who are the real bullies and terrorists of the World? Who tried to plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? The American-Turkish Council run by CIA death squad assassin, Richard Armitage. They failed after a battle between agents took place with numerous deaths on both sides. Watch the same old crap go on again as the West is so pathetic in its cheating.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    CNN’s Fake Newscast From The First Gulf War

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