Why Has The Bilderberg Group Convened in Rome?

Why Has The Bilderberg Group Convened in Rome?

Written by Andrew Puhanic
Published on Friday, November 16th, 2012

NOT even six month since the last Bilderberg Group meeting, the Globalists of the Bilderberg Group have called an emergency meeting in the city of Rome.

The infamous Bilderberg Group usually meets every year to discuss and debate issues (financial and political) that ultimately set the world agenda for the following 12 months.

Rumors about where the 2013 Bilderberg Group meeting would be held have been circulating over the last 3 months.

In fact, In September, I published an article that suggested the Bilderberg Group would be meeting in Europe in 2013 and that the Bilderberg Group meeting will either be hosted in Germany, Greece or Italy. This emergency meeting in Rome comes as a big surprise.

Traditionally, the Bilderberg Group chooses to meet in remote locations located in the United States, Canada and Europe and spares no expense on ensuring that the alternative media and the general public are not privy to their discussions.

However, on this occasion, the organizers have ditched the traditional secluded picturesque locations of the European Alps and mid-west America for a setting that is full of journalists, the public and smack bang in the middle of a film festival.

Yet, in this instance, the mainstream media have virtually ignored the event, except for a few reports posted in the Italian media (Dagospia).

It is well-known that the CEO’s of the world’s largest corporations and the leaders of the world attend Bilderberg Group meetings. however, the Bilderberg Group usually only invites individual members of government.

On this occasion, the organisers have made an exception and invited an unprecedented number of members of the Italian government.
So why is the Bilderberg Group meeting in Rome?

According to various media outlets in Italy, it has been reported that they have called the emergency meeting in Rome to discuss the economic situations in Greece, Spain and Italy. Could one of these three debt laden countries be about to collapse?

Also reported by Dagospia, the attendees have been reported to be Enrico Letta, Enrico Bondi, Mario Monti, Marlieke de Vogel, Corradino Passera, Education Minister Francesco Profumo, Paola Severino, Elsa Fornero, Guiliano Amato, Governor of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi, Lilli Gruber, Chicco Mentana, “Bebe Bernabe”, Flebuccio de Bortoli, Vendeline von Bredow, Mauro Moretti of CGIL, Alberto Nagel the CEO of Mediobanca, Angelo Gimbals the Chairman of Agcom, Federico Ghizzoni of Unicredito, Enrico Teaspoons of Intesa, Fulvio Conti of Enel, Anna Marion Tarantola who is the President of Rai, Rodolfo De Benedetti the President of the CIR, and Ignazio Vis the Governor of the Bank of Italy.

Considering the deepening economic crisis in Europe and North America, can we expect another global financial crisis before Christmas? Let’s hope not…

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  • Lets be reminded the role of Knight of Malta Józef Hieronim Retinger with Knight of Malta, Prince Bernard in the creation of the Bilderberg Group. Both being subordinate ultimately to the Holy See and the Order of Malta which controls all recognized Knights of Malta orders via The Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem. Whilst you are studying up on the Catholic control of Bilderberg, please look into the Catholic control of the European Union such as through Temporal coadjutor, Alcide De Gasperi and Knight of Malta, Winston Churchill (The Worshipful Company of Mercers and the Venetian Party of the North). The Vatican and Holy See (different from Roman Catholicism) dominates the new veiled holy Roman Empire. Please do a study on the Congress of Vienna 1814/15 and the Secret Treaty of Verona 1822.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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