10-fold increase in refugees crossing Med to get into Italy

10-fold increase in refugees crossing Med to get into Italy

Posted on June 2, 2014 by Stacy Herbert

Stacy Summary: In these times of austerity in Europe, war is necessary to secure oil from the Middle East as well as to keep the unemployed locals feeling patriotic; but, one of the consequences, is a swelling of refugees. With millions of displaced Syrians and now those fleeing civil war in Libya and Eritreans fleeing a forced labor program: a humanitarian crisis awaits as ‘boat season’ begins with up to 800,000 people reportedly in Africa waiting to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. Many head to Greece, but most try for Italy where the government is spending €300,000 per day on the naval force both rescuing and preventing migrants from arriving.

Europe faces ‘colossal humanitarian catastrophe’ of refugees dying at sea

UN considers Africa holding centres as ‘boat season’ is expected to bring sharp increase in migrants making treacherous crossing

The shift in the UNHCR’s position – and the growing clamour from Greece and Italy for action – comes as the latest figures show a rapidly accelerating problem. About 42,000 people have attempted to cross the Mediterranean to Italy so far this year, according to the EU border agency, Frontex. Last year there were 3,362 arrivals by the end of April, said UNHCR.

Last week, more than 1,000 migrants stormed a razor-wire fence at Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Morocco, in order to reach European territory, 400 of whom breached the barrier. The same day, French riot police bulldozed three camps holding hundreds of refugees in the port of Calais.

The Greek merchant marine ministry said 15,000 undocumented migrants attempted to enter Europe via sea route to Greece last year, requiring a third of the 7,000-strong Greek coastguard to be redeployed to the eastern Aegean.

I would expect these sort of stories to grow more frequent and more dire as no amount of cheap money enables the extraction of the harder to get oil. The whole Middle East and African region will continue to be destabilised as more and more US troops are sent in to rescue kidnapped girls and help the ‘rebels’ with assorted ‘humanitarian’ missions.

In the meantime, 17 migrants were buried in Catania last week after drowning off the coast of Libya last week:

“If strong action isn’t taken, it will be a disaster,” said Enzo Bianco, the centre-left mayor of Catania and former Italian interior minister. “Either there is a strong initiative by the Italian government and by the EU, or we will be facing a real disaster of colossal proportions. If we’re in a crisis with 50,000 arrivals, imagine what will happen if there are 500,000-600,000.”

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