£100 Spot Fines Coming for People Who Don’t Love Scooping up Their Dog’s Poo

£100 Spot Fines Coming for People Who Don’t Love Scooping up Their Dog’s Poo

By Gary Cutlack on 13 Apr 2015 at 11:15AM

A new war on the non-human causes of poo on the street is being launched in the UK, with local towns given the go-ahead to introduce fines for people caught leaving dog poo on the roads and pavements and not having any tools to do the cleaning up job.

The rule change was brought in last year as part of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act, giving local authorities the power to crack down on pet fouling. Those caught and handed the £100 fine then have seven days to pay, before it’s handed off to a local magistrate’s court — where the fine could reach £1,000 if further poo action is not headed off.

These ASBOs for the public let councils establish zero-tolerance zones attacking poo, litter, youths drinking cider in parks and so on, with new laws letting encouraging authorities to create troublesome hotspot Public Space Protection Orders to attack problem areas.

The dog poo rule is really quite specific in the way it opens owners up to attack, with the rules requiring dog walkers to prove they have something with them to clean up the poo to avoid a fine — else they’re making themselves appear guilty of the pre-crime of knowingly leaving the house to get their dog’s poo somewhere further away from their own garden.

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