10,000 stranded by Snow and rain in Chile

Snow and rain in Chile strand nearly 10,000

Rodrigo Cokting
Staff writer

Sunday, June 8, 2014, 5:41 PM – Heavy rain and snow has been affecting several regions of Chile since last Friday, directly affecting more than 3500 people.

Another 10,000 Chileans are currently stranded due to flooding or covered roads, according to officials.

Most of the affected are in the Biobio and Los Lagos regions where 12 homes were destroyed and another 140 left uninhabitable.

The system also left more than 27,000 people without power.

In Valparaiso, four people are still missing since Saturday afternoon. Search and Rescue officials were out looking for them but were forced to returned due to poor conditions.

En Aluca, a landslide covered six cars and stopped traffic on a major highway for nearly six hours.

The official emergency agency, ONEMI, also stated that the roads connecting much of the Chilean Andes to Argentina were closed off, with the exception of the Antofagasta road which reopened early Sunday.

Officials also indicated that they would remain vigilant of the situation and co-ordinating with outside organizations to help those affected.

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