11-year-old Rejects Public School Conditioning

11-year-old Rejects Public School Conditioning

Oct. 1, 2013

An Infowars reader has shared how her daughter’s homeschool education vastly differs from the Common Core curriculum being taught in public schools across America.

Today, she sent us a phenomenal journal page out of her 11-year-old daughter’s workbook illustrating how the message of freedom, truth and liberty is resonating and being positively received.

Dear Alex Jones and Staff,

I wanted to share a very proud parenting moment with you today. My daughter Kayla, who is an 11-year-old homeschooler from VA, wrote the following for her “Story Starter of the Day.” She brought it to me with such pride, I just had to share it! …ladybug

Of special note is the child’s use of cursive handwriting, which is being phased out by new Common Core standards.

With a principal like Ron Paul, a lesson plan that includes education on the dangers of artificial sweeteners and homework such as “Listen to Alex Jones,” there’s no doubt Kayla’s going to grow up and inject the system with a healthy dose of liberty.

Lesson plans like the one mentioned above are far more positive, educational and appropriate than those being implemented through the national Common Core State standards, and the Texas pro-Communist CSCOPE curriculum, which asks students to pretend they’re creating a new communist country and to design a flag for it.

Earlier this month, Fox News broke a story revealing lesson plans that included the words “Mobstaz” and “Po Pimp” in attempt to teach 4th graders Ebonics.

Infowars also exposed an environmental education program that asked children to re-enact slavery as part of an ‘educational exercise’ at the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy in Conn. The exercise included: “threatening language and use of a racial epithet; packing together students in a dark room, as if they were on a slave ship; and hiding in the woods from ‘white masters’” – and the instructors were white.

Fortunately, homeschooling is still legal and clearly the best option for those who are able to administer it.

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