20% price rise on Bacon thanks to the meddling treasonous European Union

Bacon prices could soar by 20% after new EU pig welfare reforms banning stalls set to come into force

By Anthony Bond
PUBLISHED: 16:39, 16 April 2012 | UPDATED: 16:50, 16 April 2012

Britain’s breakfast lovers are facing a hefty hike in the cost of their favourite fry-up as the price of bacon could increase by 20 per cent next year.

A new report has revealed that the cost of the much-loved meat could dramatically increase when new EU pig welfare rules come into force.

The British Pig Executive (Bpex) has warned that pig meat supplies could plummet by between 5 per cent and 10 per cent at the start of 2013.

It says a ban on sow stalls could lead to pork producers who are unable or unwilling to comply with the new rules leaving the industry.

And the bacon hike warning comes as the price of eggs has soared for Britain’s shoppers in the wake of the EU-wide ban on battery cages introduced in January.

Bpex deputy chief executive Mick Sloyan warned that as the EU produced around 20 million tonnes of pig meat each year, even a 5 per cent drop could have ‘very sizeable effects’ .

‘We are forecasting wholesale price rises of at least 10 per cent year-on-year which could rise to 20 per cent if production is reduced aggressively’ he told trade magazine The Grocer.

If pig meat production drops and prices rise, bacon would be affected first, he said.

The UK has been compliant with the sow stall ban since 1999 but it is only 40 per cent self-sufficient in pig meat and has to import from other EU countries.

Switching to a ‘UK pork only’ policy is therefore not a viable option for retailers and manufacturers.

Mr Sloyan said: ‘But they can send important signals to UK producers as to how much UK pork they intend to buy and they have to act now to secure their supplies in and outside the UK to ensure they have only legally produced products on their shelves from 1st January.’

He added that the EU-wide ban on battery cages, which came into force at the beginning of the year, had already shown the EU was taking a tough line on enforcement and impressed on all parts of the supply chain the need to plan ahead.

Bpex says it expects less than half of all member states to be compliant with the sow stall ban by the January 2013 deadline but Mr Sloyan said price spikes and supply shortages were not likely to be as extreme in the pork market as they had been in eggs.

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