2011 – FU** ILLUMINATI RAP (HD) [Video]


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  • A good idea but I have some negatives to point out. Showing Alex Jones and David Icke helps to discredit the information especially David Icke as is the plan of the opposames, check out ‘David Icke Debunked.’ If you want the full truth, you get no where with these two guys. You’ve also aided in pushing the lie that theres a hiv virus out there, its never been isolated ever, study AIDS INC and other truthful material on the subject. The AIDS in a pill was a false scam pushed in the media like the Bin Laden death to trump up previous lies said about hiv etc. This is why I carry no information on this site which trumps up the so-called Pakistan killing of Bin Laden. Its a complete lie and although the main topic of the article may be correct and in the now the rest when it mentions this lie of Bin Laden is a falsity. They do this to try and enforce the new lie in your minds over and over again and eventually it gets drummed in or you spread it with other info to others whether you believe it or not.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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