215 Mayors send Merkel a letter over refugee crisis

215 Mayors send Merkel a letter over refugee crisis


Two hundred and fifteen mayors from the German state of Nordrhein Westfalen have written a letter calling on Chancellor Angela Merkel to take steps to stem the flow of migrants and refugees into the country.


The 215 Buergermeisters (no relatives of mine) say there are no more homes for asylum seekers left. The extra work created by the refugee crisis also means that local authorities cannot carry out their other functions. Other reports say local authorities have been brought to the edge of financial collapse by the crisis.

The Buergermeisters suggest eight measures to slow the influx of migrants and refugees.

The Ober Buergermeister of Tubingen has also said that the city cannot cope any more.


Buergermeisters in Germany are pretty powerful people in charge of the administration of towns and cities, so it is bad news for Merkel when they start to openly oppose her. The city states of Bremen, Berlin and Hamburg (and Vienna) are all headed by a Buergermeister, the equivalent of a Minister President in other federal states.


The local authorities in Germany have had to shoulder a disproportionate burden because Merkel has refused to mobilize enough resources at a Federal level, including the army, to deal with the unprecedented influx of people.

Go Buergermeisters!

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