40 Met officers disciplined over Amex scandal

Justin Davenport, Crime Editor
28 Sep 2011

Forty Scotland Yard officers have been disciplined for misusing corporate credit cards, it was revealed today.

Of 60 officers investigated for allegedly seriously misusing the Met’s American Express cards, six have been convicted of criminal offences since 2008 and 34 others subject to “various levels of misconduct” proceedings.

The figures emerged in the Independent Police Complaints Commission’s final report on the scandal.

Auditors launched an inquiry into Met detectives’ use of the cards two years ago after it was found that officers could not account for more than
£3 million of expenses.

The IPCC report reveals that 1,019 officers used their cards “outside Met policy” but most of these had done so legitimately or repaid cash on the cards in the proper time.

Commander Peter Spindler, head of the Met’s directorate of professional standards, said today: “We have identified and held to account those who fraudulently used their AmEx card for personal gain. This robust stance has resulted in criminal convictions, dismissals and disciplinary sanctions.”

Mr Spindler said the Met had introduced a new corporate credit system with more robust supervision.

Deborah Glass, of the IPCC, said: “The extent to which criminal activity and misconduct was able to take place says something about the environment of financial control in which it was able to happen. Ultimately it is individuals, not systems, who are responsible.”

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