9/11: What Cut the Plane Shaped Hole?

9/11: What Cut the Plane Shaped Hole?


Published on Jan 13, 2014

In this video I examine the North Tower impact damage on 9/11, allegedly caused by American Airlines Flight 11.

The damage evidence eliminates explosives alone as being the cause, and at the same time it eliminates a Boeing 767 or a reinforced jet of any kind. The video also dispenses with the hologram nonsense and pokes fun at the “mini-nuke” crowd as well as pokes a finger in the eye of the Judy Wood clique.

This damage indicates bolts and floors were removed, supporting the Lets Roll Forums conclusion that the towers were empty and gutted of most if not all contents at the time of 9/11. This video also supports at least some of the much maligned (by me) September Clues vicsim claim. I’m not saying there were no real victims, only that there could be no victims on non existent floors.


I changed the thickness of the steel from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch, per JSanderO from JREF. Thanks, this makes the plane meme even more untenable.

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Additionally, the number of bolts that connect the spandrels was 24, not 32:

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Transcript below:

They say 9/11 changed everything.

It is in retribution for 9/11 the US and NATO have been invading, looting and occupying certain nations that also happen to be rich in natural resources, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children. It is thanks to 9/11 that we’re subjected to random searches, x-rays and no-fly lists. To prevent another 9/11 is the reason the NSA eavesdrops on and records every single electronic communication we make, and torture has now become acceptable public policy, all based on the story that an aluminum Boeing 767 cut this gash.

9/11 affects all of our lives all the time, so why don’t more people care whether the occupations, death, torture and loss of liberty are justified? Is it too horrible to consider that they might not be?

It is far less horrible to examine the evidence than it is to support the carnage without question, and in this video I will examine evidence that will implicate the government, military, media and academia of most of the worlds nations, evidence that was somehow missed by most of the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement”.

If you have been following the truth movement for any length of time you’ll be aware that it has likely been controlled since its inception, so it is important to pay attention to the subjects they are avoiding, and as it turns out most have been avoiding step-one in any criminal investigation; examining the scene of the crime, in this case the crash sites.

12-years after 9/11, the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, with a 500 thousand dollar yearly budget still can’t explain what caused the holes in the towers, instead focusing on building 7’s collapse and demanding a new investigation, an activity much like demanding Nazis investigate the Reichstag fire. Their real goal appears to be to run out the clock while keeping their members busy donating money , but one thing they won’t do is investigate the impact damage.

And then there’s the “it’s all fake” crowd, led by Simon Hytten, also known as Social Service, also known as Simon Shack. Several years ago I asked Simon to collaborate on a video to explain how the gashes were cut, and he responded by saying none of the photos or videos of 9/11 contain any real footage whatsoever, therefore they can’t be used as proof of anything, and then in the next sentence he said that besides, the gashes were cut by explosives anyway. How he came to that conclusion based on what he claims to be completely faked evidence eludes me, but it’s safe to say he and his followers haven’t examined the gashes.

Next is Judy Wood and her followers who believe the towers were turned to dust with top-secret directed energy weapons. Judy, the alleged forensic scientist who wields her credentials like a bludgeon and insists her hurricane-powered weapons are the answer, has even published a book about it but national security prevents her from being able to prove any of it. As of yet I have been unable to get a straight answer out or Judy or her minions about how they cut the gash.

There is also the mini-nuke crowd, members of which can be very long-winded indeed in describing the evidence of nuclear elements found in the dust at ground zero, but because the these weapons are top-secret, their existence can’t be proved any more than Judy’s Directed Energy Weapons can. Furthermore, because the evidence of so-called nuclear elements was supplied by the same United States Government that has been invading the world for the last dozen years, this information should be considered highly suspect at best. And what caused the Gash? Explosives is their best guess. It should be noted that none of the explosives adherents can explain how said explosives were planted, nor how the damage is consistent with their use.

So the one subject that appears to me to be the most important, is the one that most truthers have ignored: the scene of the crime. After 12 years I doubt it can be an oversight, so let’s see what they’ve been avoiding. I’m focusing on the North Tower gash because there are more photos of it than the South Tower, and by examining them we can discover clues as to what caused it. To help explain what we’re looking at, I am in the process of making a 3D model that will provide a visual before and after animation of the gash. Not being a graphic artist I hired some to assist. The work that goes into building an accurate model requires intense scrutiny of the available evidence, resulting in our gaining an intimate understanding of the damage. We’re only about half done with the gash, but it is already clear none of the Truth Movement is on the right track.

Now when we look at the gash we don’t see a plane-shaped gash and a random pile of twisted metal, we see a carefully prepared impact area with strategically removed bolts and floors. We noticed that almost all the “wing” damage was directional, but not in the direction the wings were traveling. 767 wings are swept-back about 30 degrees which would mean they would strike in a wedge motion, with the wings sawing from the inside out, from fuselage to wing-tips. The fuselage would strike first, and then would come the wings at the wing roots, followed by the engines and finally the wing tips. Had this happened the damage would reflect it – but it doesn’t.

Some people think a real jet was modified to be able to slice into the building, but this directional damage proves that’s not the case too. Had there been a real, heavily reinforced jet that was at once dense enough to slice steel yet somehow light enough to fly, all the steel would bend SOUTH, in the direction of travel of the jet. In such a case, the wing damage would bend away from the center hole – the right wing would wedge the columns to the right and the left wing would wedge the columns to the left.

But we don’t see that – we see the little “pinch” on the left, but a much wider gash on the right. The wings didn’t fully penetrate the wall, a clue the scientists at Purdue University overlooked when they produced their model a few years ago. How can they have missed this evidence?

This directional damage also puts an end to the hologram theory. For folks who don’t know, some people think all the videos of the jets were not simply computer generated images layered over “live” video, they think the videos are genuine but that the Jet was a hologram – this theory (like the reinforced plane theory) gets the media off the hook for no they weren’t broadcasting fraudulent video as part of a ruse to gain public support for a global war of aggression, they were just innocent bystanders who happened to catch bleeding edge hologram technology on film. Now, a hologram is just a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source, but what most people think of when they think of a hologram is that which was shown in Star Wars – an image projected into thin air. Alas this kind of hologram doesn’t exist.

This is not a hologram but an optical illusion called “Pepper’s Ghost” used in theatres and haunted houses.

All it takes is a quick Google search to discover that a dozen years AFTER 9/11, there is still no technology that can project a hologram in broad daylight, much less in thin-air. But the hologram believers insist they have SECRET technology that CAN project a jet-sized image in broad daylight so convincingly that they fooled a whole city, not to mention the world’s media!

Compare this rationale to that of people three thousand years ago who were convinced their masters were super-human descendants from the gods, but exchange religious zealotry with science zealotry and we’re still in the same boat today. The average modern citizens’ view of science can best be described as science-magic, most don’t understand it and thanks to science-fiction movies and television they blur the line between fiction and reality, but all it takes is a little research to gain a lot of understanding. There is no technology that can project a 3D image into thin air in broad daylight, period; but don’t take my word for it, look it up.

But let’s give the hologram theory the benefit of the doubt for a moment and pretend such technology MIGHT exist – it still leaves the question of what cut the plane-shaped hole – and to answer that question the hologram believers point to explosives.

But the evidence of directional damage puts an end to the explosives debate too, because explosives alone could not have accounted for it all. Only something physically striking the towers can fit that bill. Before I explain why, let me first explain what you’re looking at.

Each “stripe” you see here was a structural steel box column. At the point of impact the columns were fabricated from 1/2 inch thick steel, formed into roughly 14-inch boxes shaped like this. Each column was 36 feet long. Three columns were welded together with steel spandrels to form a wall panel measuring 36 by ten feet.

These panels were bolted top and bottom with four bolts on each column end and with each spandrel seam sandwiched between two steel plates with 24 bolts each. In this photo you can see that when they were lifting the panels into place, they temporarily bolted the two plates to the spandrels. Once the wall panel was ready to be installed the workers removed the plates, positioned the wall panel replaced the plates, and bolted them into place.

Wall panels were installed in a staggered formation, like bricks, with each one weighing about four tons. The steel was sprayed with insulation and covered with a thin aluminum cladding. Column cladding was 12 feet long with seams at floor-level, towards the bottom of the spandrel.

The cladding was where the windows were allegedly installed, tucked into a slot lined with a neoprene gasket. The windows were set about midway on the column resting on a bracket attached to the spandrel. Here we can see the brackets between the columns – these brackets served double duty to support the windows as well as the cladding that covered the spandrels. The brackets are also visible in the damage photos.

The more progress we made the more obvious it became these buildings were not the modern marvels they were advertised to be. They were poorly built, snap-together tourist traps and it is easy to believe they were “built to be destroyed” because they certainly weren’t built to stand the tests of time.

Hopefully this model will help demystify the construction of these towers and make it easier to understand the damage evidence; the most significant piece of which I believe to be the “pinched” cladding at the far left of the North Tower gash. By itself this “pinch” is enough to discredit the claim that explosives alone were responsible; whatever caused the North Tower gash started here. A projectile struck the face of this cladding just above the seam, pinching it like a karate chop and popping-out the bottom at the seam.

Moving to the right, we can see the bends and twists to the columns getting more pronounced; bending this steel column sharply. And the next. The next column was shattered. Something exploded on the face, causing top of the column to protrude out, evidence the bolts were removed from this seam. Once you understand how the wall-panels were installed, the wall-panel seams become clearly visible in the damage images.

Each of these three straight cut columns were wall panel seams with 12 bolts each – bolts that were obviously removed prior to impact. True-believers like to say the bolts were snapped by the 767 impact, but if that was the case we would see both top and bottom wall panels bent and twisted, instead of just the top or bottom.

This panel was curled in like a clutching hand, but the connecting panel below it isn’t even bent. Had the bolts been there we should see the bottom connection bent and twisted as well. But it isn’t. The inward bends of these two big wall panels are ample evidence for missing floors, because this sort of damage was only possible if there were no floors behind them.

Each panel allegedly had three acres of steel truss-supported concrete floors behind them, yet to the sides and above we see no floors, nor any evidence of office furniture. We do see this big pile of debris in front of us, and we can see what looks like one floor panel and what must have been several wall panels falling from above.

But these floors were lightweight concrete on a sixty-foot truss system and were not designed for heavy loads, yet here we see what must be dozens of tons of debris, some of which fell 20 feet, to land in a heap on this floor. Comparatively the mechanical floors required I-beams to be able to support the big elevator motors and other heavy equipment, so what’s holding up this pile? Clearly this floor was heavily reinforced and I believe this is because they needed a big pile of debris to fill the hole so people wouldn’t notice the empty tower and the lack of jet parts behind it.

In conclusion:

With the far left “pinch” in the column cladding we have evidence of physical impact, eliminating explosives alone, which simultaneously eliminates holograms.
The size of the pinch on the left compared to the gash on the right eliminates a Boeing 767.
With the shattered and “popped-out” column we have evidence of a detonation as well as of loosened bolts.
With the inward-bending big wall panels we have evidence of removed bolts and floors.
With the big pile of debris we have evidence of a heavily reinforced floor likely intended to display the wall debris while masking the empty towers and missing plane parts behind it. This floor also gave Edna Cintron a stage on which to perform her magic.
And then we have all the directional damage that proves whatever caused it came from the east, eliminating explosives as well as a jet of any kind.

In this video I discussed what was unlikely to have caused the damage. In the next I’ll discuss what could have. I welcome feedback on the model and my interpretation of the evidence. Thanks for watching.

Steve De’ak


Evidence of removed bolts in debris photos:

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