A good place to consider the new form of warfare which is threatening to destroy Europe today — Donald Tusk has said migrants had been turned into a hybrid form of warfare — , is the ancient Acropolis of Larissa.


As I was sitting here today, enjoying the warm, brilliant, luminous sunlight, and looking at the ancient ruins, it occurred to me that Larissa has a special place in the history of warfare and we can use the Greek spirit of rational inquiry to think up a counter strategy.


According to legend, Larissa is the birthplace of Achilles. And Achilles is perhaps the first ever documented combatant in the first ever documented war, namely the Trojan War.

Homer’s epic poem, the Illiad, focuses on the motivation of Achilles in his adventures in the Trojan war, meaning that it fits more to the genre of literature according to the categories of today. A pyschologically very realistic portrayal of Achilles’ rage is given in the Illiad. Achilles’ rage drives him to slay his opponent Hector in single combat. Incidentally, Germans prone to rage in the form of the furor teutonicus will certainly be able to identify with Achilles.

But the Illiad also describes the causes, events and effects of the Trojan war, and so overlaps with history. In fact, it documents perhaps the first ever example of “special operations.” The decision to smuggle Greek soldiers into Troy using a wooden horse is perhaps the first ever documented act of pyschological and unconventional warfare in history.

As I sit here on the acropolis today in November 2015, looking out in the direction of the Turkish coast, I can’t help thinking about the parallels between the Trojan war (Troy was located on the coast of Turkey).

We are witnessing another such “special operations” involving the smuggling of a gigantic force into Europe. This operation has a new and tragic twist in as far as the people composing this force are ignorant of their true purpose. The millions of migrants, refugees and terrorists are ignorant of their role in part of what Czech President Milos Zeman has called an “organized invasion.”


They are organized by the UN in as far as the UN deliberately slashed aide to the Syrian refugees in camps in Jordan and Lebenon, pressuring them to leave for Europe. They were organized by Angela Merkel in as far as she opened the doors to them in a high profile and public act of welcome.

What are the elements of this new form of warfare that can be identified?

Firstly, this new form of warfare clearly involves a strong pyschological element in as far as the people involved have to be lulled into ignorance. Basic emotions such as hope and fear are manipulated. Misinformation is spread by key politicians, supranational government and national government bodies and the social media.

This new hybrid migrant warfare involves economic warfare in as far as a cut in benefits in UNHCR camps triggered the flow.

It also involves elements of land and maritime warfare in as far as the invasion forces is arriving by land and sea.

It involves biological warfare in as far as the desperate people lacking shelter and food and knowledge can be infected with a disease from an external source and used to transmit that disease to others.

It involves moral warfare in as far as they enter Europe under the guise of a humanitiarian crisis. Only to find Merkel has made no provision to meet their basic needs.

As a result of natural feelings of disappointment and desperation, these innocent people in the true sense of the wrod can be transformed into a force of aggression, a force for riots, for cover for hidden terrorist in their midst and for crime. Although largely unarmed, and non combatants, they, nevertheless, are a threat through their sheer numbers.

The two million or more illegal migrants now inside Germany can create confusion, chaos and conflict, overwhelming the police and army and transforming the country into a so called nonlinear battle
space in which all are against all.

The fact that the people comprising this tragic army belong to a different race and religion will only serve add to their sense of alienation inside Europe and fuel aggression.

So what strategies can we develop to counter act this new form of warfare?

Sitting here on the Acropolis in Larissa is a reminder that a rational, methodological, systematic approach is the best approach to any problem.

We need to develop a counter strategy, a solution to the problem we are facing, using reason.

I would like to make a few suggestions just off the top of my head on what a counter strategy could look like.

If the migrant army is weaponized by ignorance, a counter strategy involves knowledge.
Information needs to be given to migrants explaining the true situation. They need to understand that it was Angela Merkel who made a personal invitation, and that the German people were excluded. They need to understand tha it was the UN which slashed their benefits and be given access to the migrant warfare studies of Harvard. They need to understand that it was Billionaire George Soros and his network who assisted them in their trek. Those responsible for their fate need to be identified by a rational analysis of the facts.

Their feelings of rage, betrayal and frustration need to be directed at her and those responsible for their fate.
If the migrant army is weaponized by alienation, a counter strategy involves building trust and giving them a true welcome.

A forum can be provided for local people, far right wing groups, migrants and ISIS terrorists to meet, talk, argue and find common ground.

If the migrant army is weaponized by circumstances leading them to crime, a counter strategy involves strengthening law and order.

The creation of civilian militia s and sheriffs in Germany and Austria is one element. But joint strategies can be worked out for protecting both parties. Migrants can be encouraged and rewarded for bringing to justice criminals among their ranks. This may involve the lynching of migrants who commit acts of child abuse as has happened in German camps. Police intervened. But police need not be overstretched by crimes such as child abuse or rape, and migrants need not be overtaxed by legal niceties at a time when Merkel herself has demonstrated that laws can be disregarded at will. The main thing is the locals and migrants agree on a list of crimes that are unacceptable, and child abuse is surely one crime both parties can agree on. They can agree also on dealing with them in their own way. Child abusers and rapists can be lynched inside camps by a mutual agreement under Muslim to facilitate intercultural cooperation.

If migrants want to lynch a child abuser inside a camp, why should German police get involved?

If the migrant army is weaponized by biological warfare, a counter stragety involves explaining to migrants the signs of diseases, the dangers of vaccines and the need for hygiene, and supplying them with disinfectants.

If the migrant army is weaponized by hopelessness, a counter strategy would be offering them real hope. In the long term, migrants can be offered the real prospect of rebuilding their countries once the NATO wars are ended. In the short term, they can be offered hope by being given opportunities to learn or practise skills in the communities. For example, migrants who show a real willingness to integrate, can be offered work or learning opportunies. They can work as mechanics at the local car repair shop.

If the migrant army is weaponized by violent slogans, a counter strategy would be to refine their focus and direct potentially violent actions at targets that help the German people end the power of the controllers of this form of warfare.

Targets include obviously Merkel, but also, the BND HQ in Pullach, the Interior Ministry and Minister, NATO bases, the ARD and ZDF, the Robert Koch Insitute, and the ECB (sovereign mone!) and EU HQ in Brussels.
These are just a few thoughts on the new form of warfare we are seeing emerging now in Europe. We need urgently to find ways of fighting this new form of warfare. We need ideas, theories, frameworks and strategies to help us defeat it.

Defusing the rage fuelling is weaponized migrant force would seem difficult given the limited material capacity of Germany to supply houses, cars and jobs.

But the inevitable rage of this new weaponized force can be redirected to destroy not Germany or Europe but Globalist politicians, organizations and institutions.

Violence is not an ideal. It is a necessary evil, at best. It is best to try to direct any violence using rational means to key targets, and then work for peace.

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