A FBI Patsy with USS Gerald R. Ford Schematics?

A FBI Patsy with USS Gerald R. Ford Schematics?

December 7, 2014

Among others, Stars and Stripes reported about a navy engineer who allegedly tried to steal schematics for the new carrier-class USS Gerald R. Ford.

Here’s what is bothering me about that report.

1. The involvement of the FBI. They are known to hatch about anything, including terror plots in Boston during the marathon of 2013.

2. The alleged navy engineer, Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, 35, a York County, Va. resident, born in Saudi Arabia, who worked at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Virginia, married his current spouse in May 2007 in Cairo where he began the U.S. immigration process to become a citizen. “It was not immediately clear when he came to the U.S.”

3. “Early this year, the affidavit states, he was offered a job as a civilian general engineer in the Nuclear Engineering and Planning Department at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. In August, Awwad was issued a security clearance that gave him access to classified information, which includes naval nuclear propulsion information.The nuclear power systems onboard aircraft carriers are considered among the most closely guarded sections of the ship. Awwad had access to information concerning the design, development, maintenance and repair of propulsion plants onboard nuclear-powered ships, the affidavit says.”

So, a Saudi national who allegedly became a US citizen in recent years was given a job in a nuclear engineering department of a naval shipyard early this year (2014). In August, about half a year later, he is given top level clearance to the classified data on “the most closely guarded sections” of a carrier, the nuclear power systems.

He then allegedly tells a FBI agent, who poses as an Egyptian agent, where the ship should be hit with a missile in order to sink it.

Unless some cold hard evidence goes with this story, I am not the least convinced that this is what actually happened. More so when knowing that everyone in the US is being constantly screened and backtracked. That’s certainly what is to be expected when one is being given access to the guts of an US navy carrier. But no, not in this case. This foreign guy just walks in like he is a Snowden, who also mysteriously had access to the guts of the NSA. Makes a deal with an FBI agent and heroically gets caught in the end. Yeah, right. No one knew in advance that a plan was being hatched, that a patsy was being prepared.

Did the Mossad or other Israeli outfit had access to the carrier’s schematics at any time during the FBI operation? We might as well ask this right now.

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