A Law Unto Themselves…

December 21, 2011

After all, who or what is a criminal? – I would’ve said the most simple and obvious definition, – is that of a person caught committing a crime, and when such a person is caught or at least suspected of carrying out a crime because the evidence is that strong to indicate their guilt, then it goes without saying the arrested person should be treated the same as everyone else, and not be able to escape justice by simply quoting some kind of “etiquette law”, like perhaps her Majesty the Queen is able to do so if she perhaps lost her rag one day, and ended up topping one of her butlers simply because they perhaps put too much sugar in her tea, or instead of using ones saccharin tablets! As believe me, this ‘court’-“etiquette law” exists, and far more superior to ‘Nolle prosequi’, the Latin meaning “to be unwilling to pursue”, that amounts to “please do not prosecute”. But I can guarantee you’ll never get anyone from the legal fraternity admitting to it, though I must admit the majority of them aren’t even aware of it, as it’s never quoted or asked for, as only certain people are eligible to quote it, and in any case it wouldn’t be discussed in an open courtroom.

Though it’s there deeply buried, and at exceptionally rare times, can, and by extremely important people, be used as a ‘trump card’, or should I say; ‘get out of jail free’, if and when anyone powerful enough – is in need of having to be saved from facing ‘certain’ criminal charges. Do you really think, a member of the monarchy would be allowed to stand trial in a court, and especially the monarch themselves as in the case of the UK, the writ would have to have read Regina Vs Regina, in which case I’m sure they’d; ‘Nolle prosequi’, don’t you? This is of course never disclosed, and carried out in the most clandestinely way possible and in secret, like that on my own case which was held “in camera”, and no one ever needs to know about it.

Jim Devine, Elliot Morley, David Chaytor and Lord Hanningfield, [real name, just plain old Paul White], who all face charges under section 17 of the Theft Act 1968, and if found guilty they face a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment. Chaytor and Devine have since been dealt with, and will get to to them in a minute. On the 14th September 2010 the men were refused permission by Lord Judge, the Lord Chief Justice to take their cases to the Supreme Court [1]. And hopefully were get to see them go through a normal trial by jury and court hearing just like the rest of would have to, though they’re not so silly, as they know they’re guilty as hell, so will soon be pleading so. Some Freemasons will perhaps seize on this opportunity, and say: “See, – there’s no secret deals going on behind closed doors between Freemason Judges and MP’s”.

However, I beg to differ and go into more details further on in regards to this sort of claim. Though meanwhile I would also like to point out, Freemason or no Freemason, once you have crossed a certain line and its already in the public domain, then that’s too bad, as was in the case of Jeffery Archer, Conrad Black and John Atkinson etc., the law has to be seen taking it’s due course, and they could not be saved from what they had got themselves into, and it’s not as if anyone else of greater importance was going to be dragged into their case’s anyway, or it was a case of “national security” being put at risk etc. Though in many day to day cases up and down the land, Freemason criminals, and certain Freemason members of the judiciary, certainly do work together, perhaps critical files are lost, evidence contaminated, witnesses bribed, or a technicality in the law arises, such as the defendants were charged incorrectly, or a certain time period had lapsed before charges could brought forward and lodged for the preliminaries of a trial to proceed etc., and like what happen with the police officer who is suspected of contributing to the death of news vendor Ian Tomlinson during the 2009 G-20 summit protests.

My only reason for highlighting these slippery eels, is unlike the rest of us, these alleged criminals were and still are [bar Chaytor and Devine who are now known as criminals] insisting using their own kind of “etiquette law – get out of jail free card”, by claiming that because they’re MP’s, their shit didn’t stink, sorry I meant, entitled to be protected by their “Parliamentary privilege”. And let’s remind ourselves how they continuously maintain the lie when Julian Knowles the barrister for the three MP’s, said; “My clients – unequivocally and steadfastly maintain their innocence of the charges against them. They also maintain that to prosecute them in the criminal courts for Parliamentary activities [Err excuse me Mr Knowles, we’re talking criminal activities here!], would infringe the principle of the separation of powers, which is one of the principles which underpin the UK’s constitutional structure. The principle of the separation of powers means that whatever matter arises concerning the workings of Parliament should be dealt with by Parliament and not elsewhere and should be dealt with in a manner that is consistent with the way other members have been treated.” [2]

Despite all the denials and trying it on with his “parliamentary privilege”, David Chaytor finally admitted “false accounting” involving a total of £18,350 in December 2010 at the Old Bailey. On the 7th January 2011 appearance he agreed to pay back the sum before being sentenced to 18 months in prison at Southwark Crown Court by Mr Justice Saunders who said; “…a significant penalty for the 61-year-old was the only way public faith in the system can be restored and maintained”. [3] I get no pleasure seeing anyone being sent to prison, especially a man of his age, but I’m sure anyone else; i.e., “Joe Public”, would have likely got a significantly longer sentence, the charge carried a 7 year maximum, he pleaded guilty so that automatically reduces the sentence by a third, – so it could be said he’s had bit of a touch. Though I don’t think it’s necessarily right him being singled out, as even the judge pointed out; “Chaytor only bears a small part of responsibility for that erosion of confidence and the public anger. But it is important because he has accepted his conduct was dishonest”.[3] What I mean by “singled out” is not that he shouldn’t be there in the dock, but that there should be so many more MP’s with him. We only have to look at the astronomical sums of money some of these Lord’s got away with, yet all they received as a punishment was a pathetic ban from the “House of Crook’s” and paying back what they already nicked in the first place, – and the same applies to many more MP’s, there should be many, many more MP’s, Lord’s and Baroness’s standing in that dock next to Chaytor, as it shows the public that justice has certainly not been done.

Jim Devine went screaming and kicking into court on a ‘not guilty’, and was found ‘guilty’ on the 31st March 2011. This crook had the affront to “carried on regardless” in the face of public anger over the expenses scandals, – and was branded a liar by the judge as he was jailed for 16 months [3a]. Devine a bigger criminal than Chayter, as he was far more calculating and professional, – as not only did he realise that if he was found guilty he’d have to foot a hefty £40,699, so what did he do, – he did what any dishonest MP would do, – and went bankrupt just before they trial, – the crafty old toad. And this is another thing ‘these lot’ have to remember, as like Devine whose 57, and who submitted “entirely bogus” invoices totalling £8,385 between 2008 and 2009 – and after the politician’s expenses claims scandal had already become “front page news”, – which again seems to indicate he and virtually all the others have been doing this kind of thing for years, – he was just unlucky to get caught out this time due to the scale of the expenses scandal. Yet again, like Chayter he’s had a touch, as the likes of me or you would have been given more in the region of 3 years out of the possible 7 years, which is the maximum this crime carries.

I tell you why he’s had a result, – he pleaded ‘not guilty’ so that’s third he lost out on straight away, he’s run up a £40,000 legal bill for doing so, and not only that, but the judge branded him a liar, so therefore must have perjured himself in the dock. Ex crim and MP Jonathan Aitken got 18 months alone for perjury in 1999, though he only served seven months out of it. And again I reiterate throughout this book, calling on stiffer sentences for MP’s and government workers caught stealing from the public purse, and not these slap on the wrist kind of sentences, as Devine will be back out stuffing his face by autumns this year, and most probably a lot sooner. As it was announced in the press [3b] on the 21st March 2011, that disgraced former MP Eric Illsley, who was sentenced to a year in prison during February 2011 after admitting defrauding taxpayers of £14,500, – that he will likely be released on tag around the 21st of May 2011.

Former Tory peer Lord Taylor of Warwick awaits sentencing after being convicted by a jury in January 2011 of falsely claiming more than £11,000. And Lord Hannfield, who faces six charges of false accounting between March 2006 and May 2009, is set for trial this May 2011.

Lest we forget those three other peers, as again if it was for the likes of me and you we would have no doubt been banged-up on remand and still awaiting trial, for what these three were simply allowed to walk away from. In what was reported in the media on the 21st of October 2010, the three peers were suspended from the Lords for wrongly claiming expenses totalling tens of thousands of pounds. Baroness Uddin was suspended until Easter 2012 and told to repay £125,349, cross bencher Lord Bhatia, repaid £27,446 and was suspended for eight months. Those suspensions are the toughest in 367 years. Lord Paul, who has repaid £41,982, was suspended for four months. All three were investigated by the subcommittee on Lord’s interests, a body in the upper house chaired by Baroness Manningham-Buller, the former head of MI5.

Lord Paul and Lady Uddin were referred to the committee after criminal investigations into their cases were dropped [4]. And here is where the Freemason’s did intervene, because how come such a subcommittee exists in the first place? An in-house committee, made up of Lords and Baronesses to simply look after each and all its interests, as opposed to that of the public’s. Why were the criminal investigations into their case dropped? Had there been no evidence, then why have they had to pay thousands of pounds back? Why was it necessary to suspend them for various lengths of time? – And do you know how they simply get around these awkward questions? Well, they come out with the most outrageous claims, such as: “the committee found them ‘in breach’ of house regulations”, which in a sense is no different from saying a crime was committed though a lighter jargon is employed. And here is a clear message to all of us, there most certainly is; “one law for them and one law for us”. And more sadly and important, is what kind of message does this sort of thing send to our youth in society, other than: “steal what you can, and when you can, – and hope you never caught, and never mind if you are as nothing much will happen”.

And this is my point entirely, as the majority of what I write is addressed directly at the hypocrite and many Freemason’s who have the audacity to proclaim; “We’re not a secret fraternity, just a fraternity with secrets!”, and who so happen to go about the place masquerading as “pillars of society”, and pretending to be either a devout Christian’s, Muslim’s or Jew’s, when in fact their own true beliefs, are in complete contrast as to what those other religions are meant to represent. Or like those hangers-on career MP’s who try and con us by saying; “I entered politics to help serve my country and the interests of the people”, when in fact we know full well that the majority of them are self serving greedy bastards who are in it for their own personal gain and interests.

Look, even though I must admit it appears I’m condemning Freemasonry as a whole, technically I’m not, and what I mean by that is that the origins of Freemasonry may well have been a noble cause, and that those original founders might have wanted to have bettered mankind as a whole. But sadly to say, if that was their true intentions then they must be turning in their graves, because the Masonic fraternities have been taken over by a corrupt and sinister dark force and group of elitist evil people, whom have managed to permeate their way into the very fabric and foundations of every society and throughout all the world’s governments, and it is because of this permeation as to why the worlds in constant financial turmoil and at war with each other time and time again.

In 2010, the Internal Revenue Service initiated a legal proceeding in the United States Tax Court against Freemason-politician, and regular attendant of Bilderberg-meetings, Lord Conrad Black for $71 million in back taxes, which it claims is owed on $120 million in unreported income between 1998 and 2003. [5] On the 24th June 2010, he was found guilty, but the case was sent for appeal, to either sentence him, or to see if he should stand a retrial. He was already in prison on an obstruction of justice conviction, for which he is meant to be serving a concurrent 6 ½ year sentence, which still remains in place, but he was remarkably granted bail on the 19th July 2010 by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, and released on a $2 million unsecured bond put up by his friend Roger Hertog.

Prior to being granted bail, his scheduled release date was 30th October 2013, so how and why he was granted bail whilst during a sentence he is already meant to be serving, is either showing a sign of favouritism, an error in the law, or some form of illicit course of action made by the good Judge himself. Following his release, Black wrote a column for Canada’s The National Post on his time in prison. Black described America’s inmates as an ostracised, voiceless legion of the walking dead. On the 11th July he wrote about fellow Freemason: “The real ‘corporate knights’ are people who stand unapologetically for something useful. Donald Trump is an unambiguous capitalist, a very high quality builder, a civically minded New Yorker who has helped the city through some difficult moments, and is personally a very generous and unpublicised philanthropist and a tenaciously loyal friend”. On the 28th October 2010 the U.S. Court of Appeals of the 7th Circuit overturned two of the three remaining mail fraud counts. It left Black convicted of one count of mail fraud, and one count of obstruction of justice. The court also ruled that he must be resentenced, – so let’s see the resulting outcome.

And let’s not forget dear old Earnest Saunders and his gang crooks, aka the ‘Guinness four’, whom three ended up at Ford prison, and whom no doubt partook in the odd caviar, champagne and bottles of Guinness being smuggled in, and who knows what else they might have participated in! He was renowned for his ruthless cost-cutting efficiency, sacking many an employee and earning from his remaining ones, the nickname ‘Deadly Ernest’.

For those of you too young to remember the case, or may not know of it, the Guinness share-trading fraud, was a famous British business scandal of the 1980’s. It involved an attempt to manipulate the stock market on a massive scale to inflate the price of Guinness shares and thereby assist a £2.7 billion take-over bid for the Scottish drinks company Distillers Ltd. The scandal was discovered after testimony as part of a plea bargain by the US stock trader Ivan Boesky. Ernest Saunders, Gerald Ronson, Jack Lyons and Anthony Parnes, the so-called Guinness four, were charged, paid heavy fines and, with the exception of Lyons, who was suffering from ill-health, served prison sentences later reduced on appeal. [6]

Ernest Saunders was the former Guinness chief executive, jailed for 5 years on the 27th August 1990 for false accounting, conspiracy and theft. In May 1991 Saunders and his co-accused appealed against their convictions. The guilty verdicts were upheld, though his sentence was halved after medical evidence was produced to suggest he was suffering from a mental illness. Bloody aidders, where’s these kind of GP’s when you need them? Saunders claimed he was suffering from Alzheimer’s a common form of dementia; and if so, he made a miraculous recovery unique in medical history. As Alzheimer’s, like all dementias, is usually incurable being a progressive degenerative disease of the brain. Saunders has since maintained he must have been depressed, because not long after his release he was seen bowling about the golf course and living the “life or Riley”, and 20 years on since his release, his still alive and kicking.

Written by Stephen Wright and Annette Witheridge in the Daily Mail on the 27th February 2010; reported this biggest liberty taking story that’s such an affront to the whole of British justice, and two fingers to the rest of us, that stinks to high heaven as to why this kind of thing is the real reason judges wish to have their right to remain anonymous as to declaring if their a Freemason or not. – Read this and judge for yourself, how corrupt our judicial system really is. I have edited the original article, and no doubt you can guess what parts I have put in between the lines.

Freemason Judge Richard Gee was at the centre of one of the biggest scandals to engulf the English judiciary. There was an outcry when lawyers for Gee said fraud charges against him should be dropped because he was “too stressed” to face trial at the Old Bailey, – ah bless, I’ll have to try and remember that one! The kindly old Attorney General halted the case, which had already cost taxpayers £3 million, including several hundred thousand pounds in legal aid. How can a judge qualify for Legal Aid in the first place? But the Daily Mail revealed that a decade on, Gee had made an extraordinary recovery from his ‘anxiety problems’. He has re-qualified as a New York attorney and runs his own thriving law firm from one of Manhattan’s most fashionable addresses. [7]

The Freemason Attorney General of the time, John Morris QC, made a Lord in 2001, employed what I’ve just mentioned, and that of course what ‘all’ judges would know about, just in case one day their ever in the dock, like Gee was, when Judge Morris used the ancient discretionary power of; “nolle prosequi”, so no doubt Gee, hopped, skipped and cart-wheeled on hearing such news. Mr Morris’s ruling astonished Scotland Yard detectives who considered launching a fresh investigation into Gee’s finances, in particular how he came to be ‘awarded legal aid’ to face the deception charges? We still don’t know, legal taking the piss or what, and if that wasn’t enough, the cheeky chappie only had the nerve to insist on being addressed as “Your Honour” during police interviews, when they should have responded “Your Dis-honour!”.

He allegedly had offshore bank accounts in Jersey, Switzerland and possibly the Cayman Islands, when in December 1999, four years after he was first suspended [on full pay mind you], over the fraud allegations, Gee considerately tendered his resignation as a circuit judge, as the man really is all heart. Though he remains entitled to a substantial index-linked pension, which is now believed to be worth about £35,000 pa, – and a lump sum of £46,000 when he reached 65. Today Gee, now 67, and enjoys a wonderful lifestyle in New York. His wealthy second wife Marilyn Gross, an American aged 77, owns a £1.3million seaside house in Quogue, Long Island an area dubbed Trillionaires Row. Michael J Fox has a mansion nearby, as does Stephen Spielberg. Together the couple own a nine-bed roomed house converted into flats, in Providence, Rhode [Go Cecil, go Cecil] Island, – sick-bag anyone? The man ought to be extradited so he can stand trial alongside the corrupt medical expert who said he was unfit in the first place.

The improvement in Gee’s health echoes that of the just mentioned Freemason Ernest Saunders, who was released from prison by no doubt a fellow Freemason Judge only ten months into a five-year sentence after convincing some well paid-off medical expert he was suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia, or they in fact suggested it to him for an even larger well paid-off sum of money? Some people don’t even attend their own trials, as their declared; “Unfit for Trial”, and moved to private mental hospital, and where their release is solely at the discretion of the doctors, whom again it must be said, some have no doubt been offered and tempted with the proposition of plenty of “greenbacks”. As why is it then, when at least 30% of the entire prison population is seriously suffering from mental illnesses, and far worse than Alzheimer’s, but can’t even get a fucking Aspirin, let alone being released from prison. Don’t forget, Saunders made a miraculous recovery soon after his release, and should have been sent back to finish his sentence.

The average man and women in the street simply has no idea what’s really taking place around them, and like I’ve said before, – in their own high streets, civic buildings, police stations, court houses and town halls, your average Freemason is lurking, whether they’re a politician, councillor, town mayor, judge, magistrate, policeman, GP, dentist, bank manager or a construction firm boss, or other likewise business person, – who all go to work with a spring in their step, with the full knowledge that 95% of the population are totally unaware of this fact. And what helps give that little spring to their step, is that they know the everyday running of their lives is carried out with their thumb over knuckle secret handshakes, stuffed brown envelopes, thus guaranteeing planning permission will be granted, the best private and NHS health care on offer, with minor, or not so minor motor offences and other similar slap on wrist offences overlooked, – as the arresting policeman simply fails to turn up at the court, so the case is then dismissed, but not forgetting to collect his brown envelope stuffed with cash outside the court door two minutes before the case is heard, – or the judge simply employs ye olde “nolle prosequi” from under the bench. Loans arranged, grants allocated, parking tickets quashed, kids getting into the best of schools etcetera, etcetera, as the list goes on and on, whilst the rest of us are having to struggle, just in order to survive.

Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World – http://www.trappedinamasonicworld.co.uk


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