A Look Inside Europe’s Largest Foreigner “Ghetto”

A Look Inside Europe’s Largest Foreigner “Ghetto”

Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 04/25/2016

On the heels of State Department spokesman John Kirby's renewed proclamation that "US is committed to admitting more refugees," we thought this brief clip from France's picturesque Mantes La Jolie (in the western suburbs of Paris) – Europe's largest "ghetto" – would be useful…


Here's the postcard…


Le Val-Fourré, the largest housing project in the district, is extremely ghettoized, and is dominated by immigrants from the Maghreb, the majority of whom are Moroccan, and sub-Saharan immigrants.


The friendly local inhabitants – who seem to be integrating into European culture so well – appear to not take kindly to police driving through the middle of their road-blockage, drug-dealing, motorbike-racing, street party… and trouble ensues…

h/t LiveLeak

It is any wonder the police stayed away from Mollenbeek?

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Coming to a 'picturesque city in America' any day now.

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