A once skeptic of homoeopathy became a true believer

A Former Homeopathic Skeptic Now a True Believer

November 22nd, 2012 | 7 Comments

Remember Constantine Hering who formulated the famous Homeopathic Laws of Cure that I wrote about a few weeks ago? I couldn’t resist sharing with you some of his amazing story.

Believe it or not, when he first began studying homeopathy, he did so as a researcher trying to disprove

Dr. Constantine Hering started down a path that would change his entire future when a French surgeon
he was studying under in Dresden asked him to take on the project of writing a pamphlet discrediting
homeopathy. In order to do this, he started studying the writings of homeopathy’s founder, Samuel

To his surprise, Hering became convinced that Hahneman was right, and the two men began a
correspondence and eventual friendship. Please understand that this was not some quick survey of
Hahneman’s works. In fact, he devoted two years to studying Hahneman’s principles before coming to
his conclusion.

Like so many skeptics I’ve come across, it took a personal experience with homeopathy to completely
convince Hering of homeopathy’s validity. During an autopsy, Hering sliced his finger, and the wound
eventually became infected. The finger developed gangrene, and amputation was recommended.
Luckily, a friend gave Hering the remedy Arsenicum album. No amputation necessary!

As a result of his amazing cure, Hering decided to devote his life to spreading homeopathy’s message.
When he immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1833, he brought knowledge of its powerful ability to heal with
him, eventually becoming the father of homeopathy in America.

Before he arrived, Samuel Hahneman’s homeopathic texts were only available in their original German,
and very few homeopaths were practicing in this country. Besides having this valuable literature
translated into English, Hering also started the first American School of Homeopathy, the North
American Academy of the Homeopathic Healing Art located in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Working tirelessly, Dr. Hering eventually oversaw provings of 91 remedies, including such valuable
polycrests as Lachesis and Gelsemium. But his greatest contribution may have been the first Materia
Medica in English, The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica.

As Constantine Hering shows us, sometimes the testimony of a former skeptic is the best advertisement.
Have you ever had the privilege of seeing someone who didn’t believe in homeopathy come face-to-face
with its healing power? Learn enough so that you can.

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