A second briton is suspected of having Rabies


A dog bite can be fatal

Saturday May 26,2012
By Paul Jeeves

A SECOND Briton suspected of having rabies was last night anxiously awaiting the outcome of tests.

The patient, understood to be a man, sought medical attention after being bitten by a dog abroad.

The Health Protection Agency said that the patient, from Leeds, had “no links” to the grandmother with a confirmed case of rabies in London. “Investigations are under way to determine if the bite has led to an infection,” an HPA spokesman said.

He added that a number of people go through such tests every year and that it was unlikely the patient would be admitted to hospital until rabies was confirmed.

The investigation came two days after the HPA confirmed a case of the potentially fatal disease in a grandmother in her 50s who was bitten by a dog while on a holiday in south Asia.

She is now being treated at London’s Hospital for Tropical Diseases which has reassured patients, visitors and staff that there is no risk to them from the case.

Man awaits test results after being bitten by a dog

Professor Tom Solomon warned that the mortality rate is “almost 100 per cent” once symptoms show.

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