In response to the news that the European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker was advising me to seek help from a centre for press freedom in relation to a murder attempt made against me by Theodekti Polychronia Vallianatou for reasons directly connected to my journalism activities, I received an email from nun Theofili, which illustrates more than anything I think the nature of this community.

Theofili, a nun in charge of the Skete in Estonia, sent me a picture of a black hamburger with a grilled piece of meat, saying she had found my brain.

She uses the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in vain and also makes a play on my surname Burgermeister, meaning mayor in German.

By playing on my surname, Burgermeister, I am, as a person with the surname Burgermeister, identified with this burnt burger. My brain is clearly supposed to be the grilled meat. A reasonable interpretation of this is Theofili is sending me the message that she will, intends to or would like to if she could, turn me into grilled meat and eat me. It is a threat and a premeditated one. Theofili must have had a mental image of what she would like to do to me, gone online and searched for a picture. She then sent it to me with, we must assume, the approval of Theodekti since Theodekti as Abbess ultimately controls the access to the computers.

It is a particularly sinister threat in the context of an ongoing investigation into a de facto murder attempt by Theodekti Vallianatou in which she used considerable physical violence and enlisted other sisters, specifically Theonike, to do the same. The justification Theodekti used for the attempt to forcibly confine me was that there was something wrong my brain too. In fact, she knew very well that I was acting as an investigative journalist. That is why she had to send Theoktisti to her Skete. If Theodekti had really believed I was mentally ill, she would have kept Theoktisti as her witness.

The fact that Theofili email was sent in reply to a letter from the European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker offering support for my case underlines the culture of impunity in the monastery.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, it is depressing for me to see how a so called nun can spend many years reading the Gospels, the Bible, attending church and yet not absorb anything of the message of Christ.

The blackened burger is the ultimate adaptation of in the 20th century consumer image. It reveals an empty imagination and poverty of ideas of a purely subjective, ego bound consciousness, which could not be further from the ideas, images and emotions of a Christian.

The malice and lack of self control revealed by Theofili underline the dehumanized, desensitized, disconnected and dysfunction nature of the monastery of St John the Forerunner. It is truly a milieu were crime can flourish.

In fact, most people who have seen this image say it shows that Theofili is mentally ill, and I would agree.

At any rate, I am asking the state prosecutor in Larisa to consider Theofili’s email as harassment and a threat and charge her accordingly.

Local people tell me tha Theodekti changes into civilian clothes when she goes to Athens and has frequent contact with her brother.

In relation to this, I would like to note an incident when I first arrived at the monastery when Theodekti stole make up from my room. She denied it. However, at the time, I wondered for what purpose she wanted items such as liptstick. This incident offers indirect proof that Theodekti Vallianatou does, indeed, switch to civilian clothes and puts on make up in Athens and leads some kind of secret, double life.

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