Actor Donald Sutherland Confirms Hunger Games is Allegory for the US

Actor Donald Sutherland Confirms Hunger Games is Allegory for the US

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Here is a short clip featuring Donald Sutherland, who acted in The Hunger Games movie series, to learn in some detail what he thinks about them. He says flatly, it is an allegory pertaining to the United States, which is just what I wrote about a year ago.

You can see the Sutherland video clip here:

Donald Sutherland Hunger Games Allegory for US – The Dollar Vigilante

That is quite outspoken and courageous of Donald Sutherland to say. If it gets too much exposure he’ll likely see his Hollywood roles begin to disappear.

Here’s a quote from our article on The Hunger Games, which you can see here.

When I think about Washington DC, increasingly, I see The Capitol depicted in the Hunger Games … DC leads the way in the US for federal public corruption convictions. The inhabitants of DC are getting richer than those in the 50 Districts (formerly known as “states”). In recent years this has increased to a dramatic degree… becoming painfully obvious especially when you consider that DC, unlike San Francisco (and its Silicon Valley) has almost no natural, wealth building industry.

It should be noted that Washington, in the District of Criminals, rarely exceeded other areas of the country in terms of Median Household Income until just after the epoch moment that occurred in 2001, centralizing more power to Washington. And then the gains were much more dramatic since the financial crisis of 2008 which gifted the banks even more freshly printed Federal Reserve Notes (they call them dollars in most of the districts) and centralized even more power to DC… Truthfully, however, The Hunger Games could be a metaphor for the “capital city” of any country or empire.

Why would Hollywood make a movie about a dystopian future that is obviously critical of the US? Tinseltown does it all the time. The idea is to make people (and teenagers in this case) familiar with this sort of future. Robocop, many of the Schwarzenegger and Stallone movies and many other movies as well, foretell various kinds of dystopian futures. When parts of these futures arrive, the shock of their implementation is not so severe because people have seen it already.

It is a very cynical ploy, but it surely works. These movies also add to the psychological burden that most of us carry in these waning days of freedom. Such movies in foretelling the future are intended to give us a sense of hopelessness, that a dystopian future is preordained.

In fact, it is not. Those who are interested in imposing this sort of future on us have made plenty of mistakes in the past century and even more in the 21st century. Anyone who knows about the globalist timeline, knows that it has slipped considerably as they continue to run into difficulties with implementing every part of it.

Additionally, the internet has caused havoc with their plans because tens of millions – hundreds of millions – are intimately aware of what is taking place.

It is very hard to keep a conspiracy secret when thousands of websites are tracking its expansion on a daily basis. TDV does its part in exposing the globalist conspiracy regularly.

The society Donald Sutherland describes – and which I wrote about a year ago – is not here, but it’s getting closer all the time.

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