Afghan Poppy Yield Hits All-Time High, CIA Thrives!

Afghan Poppy Yield Hits All-Time High, CIA Thrives!

October 22, 2014

Opium production in Afghanistan has been on the rise since the US occupation of Afghanistan started in 2001. In the same year it also was declared illegal in Afghanistan to grow poppy fields, under pressure from the US government, which further pushed up the market price and the profits… The CIA already thrived.

Now that the opium production has hit an all-time high record, according to The Guardian, the CIA thrives evermore. And so do its intel counterparts of the other 5 of the SIX EYES – the Mossad (Israel), MI6 (UK), ASIS (Australia), CSE (Canada) and SIS (New Zealand).

What the Guardian article doesn’t mention though is the fact that the US military and its allies have been guarding the poppy fields – protection of own resources – and aiding in the sales of heroin – creation of black ops funds. The numerous photos of foreign military personnel patrolling the fields of gold in Afghanistan speak for themselves.

The official line of the US government on the topic states that if “we” (the US) don’t manage the sales and production then “they” (the alleged terrorists) will, so it’s better that we do it.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it…

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